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It depend on you situation, If you can prove to a court that getting married is the best thing for you then you probably don�t need your parents at all, but if you just want to get married at sixteen then you only need a parent who is a Legal guardian.

It depends on the state. Many states require the signature of both parents if they have equal custody.

If your parents are divorced then only 1 parent has to sign. My mom signed for me when I was 16 and me and my hubby are happily married!

If parents share joint custodial rights then both parents must give permission for a minor to marry.

If parents are married and one objects the minor cannot marry.

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Q: Can either parent sign a marriage license for their 16-year-old?
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If you are 18 does a parent still have to sign your marriage license?


Can either parent sign a marriage license for their 16 year old?

It will depend on the jurisdiction. The clerk at the county can answer the question for their location.

The father of the child can marry the mother without a parent consent if they are 17 in the state of Georgia?

They either have to have the parental consent or a court order to get a marriage license.

How old do you atleast have get married with parent permission?

The minimum age to obtain a marriage license is 16 with parental permission.

Can you get married in Florida at age of 16 without your parent be present and they can sign a paper saying that they agree?

They have to be with you to get the marriage license.

How do you get married in Texas if you are a pregnant 16 year old and the father is 16 years old?

Take your parent/legal guardian and his parent/legal guardian to the place where you apply for a marriage license. Your parent has to give consent to the marriage or else you have to wait until you're 18.

Does your parent need to be present to get married in Minnesota for a minor?

Your parent has to be with you, or sign for you, to get the marriage license. Check the specifics at your court house. They can tell you exactly what you need to get the license.and you need permition

Can a 17 year old get married in California with consent of a parent?

Probably, depending on the type of proof required to obtain the license. Contact your marriage license office for specifics for your county.

Can you get married at age 16 with a parent permisiion letter and there signatures but they cant be present in court?

Depends on what state you are. They have to be present when you get the marriage license.

What do you do when you are 16 and pregnant and the father is 18 and you want to get married?

Here in Canada the law states the following: (b) Minors.-- # No marriage license may be issued if either of the applicants for a license is under 16 years of age unless the court decides that it is to the best interest of the applicant and authorizes the issuance of the license. # No marriage license may be issued if either of the applicants is under 18 years of age unless the consent of the custodial parent or guardian of the applicant is personally given before the person issuing the license or is certified under the hand of the custodial parent or guardian attested by two adult witnesses and, in the latter case, the signature of the custodial parent or guardian is acknowledged before an officer authorized by law to take acknowledgments. When the minor has no guardian and a judge of the court is absent or not accessible for any reason, the office issuing the license may appoint a guardian pro hac vice for the minor. --- You need a marriage license to be married so you can get married with parental consent.

Does the parents of both 16 year olds need to give consent for marriage?

That will depend on the specific state and situation. If only one parent has custody, that parent must consent. Check with your marriage license issuing authority for the exact requirements for your county.

What are the laws regarding underage marriage in FL when parents have Joint custody?

If an individual is under 18 years of age, but older than 16 years of age, a marriage license can be obtained with parental consent. If a parent has sole custody or the other parent is dead, the permission of one parent is sufficient. If a person is under the age of 16, the marriage license has to be issued by a county judge, with or without parental permission. If a minor's parents are both deceased and there is not an appointed guardian, he/she may apply for a marriage license. A minor who has been previously married may also apply for a license. A minor who swears that they have a child or are expecting a baby, can apply for a license if the pregnancy has been verfied by a written statement from a licensed physician. A county court judge may at his/her discretion issue or not issue a license for them to marry.

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