Marriage Licenses

A marriage license is an official document issued by the state or the church that authorizes two individuals to marry. It is then signed by the couple along with their witness or witnesses.

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Marriage Licenses

Do any US states require mandatory premarital AIDS tests?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is a diagnosis that an HIV+ person receives from their health care provider after demonstrating specific clinical criteria. There is no test for AIDS. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus that causes AIDS. HIV testing is widely available and recommended for anyone who may have an exposure risk.

Do any US states require mandatory premarital HIVtests?

No, apparently not yet, however some states are required to offer an HIV test and AIDS information as an option:

See the following:

"Due to the rise in HIV and AIDS, many states now require that parties applying for a marital license must be offered an HIV test and/or must be provided with information on AIDS and tests available. Presently, no states requires a mandatory premarital HIV/AIDS test."

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Marriage Licenses

How old do you have to be to get married in the US or a US Territory?

The best time to get married is when you are mentally and financially capable of supporting a family. I know it sounds like old school. However, lots of marriages fall apart because of the lack of time available because people spend a lot of time working on their careers when they marry young and don't have time to spend on each other; there are exceptions to this. However the point is, get married when you have everything sorted out. It is best for you, your partner and everyone concerned.

In America it's usually at 18. Most states, however, allow marriage at a younger age with parental and/or judicial consent. Some states allow marriage at a still younger age if the female is pregnant. There are a few states (Nebraska, 19; Mississippi, 21) that have a higher age.

For example, the age of consensual sex in Alabama is 16 for Male/Female. However there are many laws that have to be explored on this as well, in many states this law is only applicable if each party is within a few months to no more than two years of each others age.

If you are considering marriage before the age of 18 then you will have to have a parent's consent (or legal guardian with proof that person is "legal" guardian)

Legal Guardian is defined as...

A person who has the legal responsibility for providing the care and management of a person who is incapable, either due to age (very young or even very old, or to some other physical, mental or emotional impairment, of administering his or her own affairs. In the case of a minor child, the guardian is charged with the legal responsibility for the care and management of the child and of the minor child's estate. A legal guardian will be under the supervision of the court and will be required to appear in court to give periodic reports about the status of the child and its estate.

Other situations - Pregnant Teens: Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland and Oklahoma allow pregnant teens or teens who have already had a child to get married without parental consent. In Florida, Kentucky, and Oklahoma, the young couple must have authorization from a court. Maryland requires that the minor be at least 16. Even with parental approval, many states will require court approval when a person is 16 years of age or less.

Marriage Licenses

List of the marriage records in the Philippines?

lorena lavidad

Marriage Licenses

Marriage license illegal immigrant?

If you are an illegal immigrant that is seeking for a marriage license...

1. Find someone you wanna share your life with

2. Go to city hall and get your marriage license

3. Find a lawyer to help you apply for I-70 spouse visa

4. Become Green Card resident to US

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Where do you find marriage records in the Philippines?

The faster and easiest way of finding marriage records in the Philippines is from the local registrar where the marriage took place or alternatively at NSO, Manila. Please query if any authorisation is needed. Obviously, you need to provide the names, dates as the local registrar holds all the records.

Marriage Licenses

Can you marry your neighbor?

of course you can!

Marriage Licenses

What is the format used to prepare a biodata for marriage?

Personal Information

  • Name:(complete name including, your first name, middle name, and last name)
  • Age:(write completed years)
  • Sex:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Complexion:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Place of Birth:
  • Religion:
  • Marital Status: (never married, divorced, etc,)
  • Children: (from the first marriage or adopted if any)
  • Educational Qualification:
  • Hobbies:
  • Habits:

Professional Information

  • Job Status: (working, unemployed, searching, or student)
  • Job Description: (government job, private company, proprietor, or business)
  • Job Profile: (your position in the office)
  • Job Timings: (mention working hours here and shifts, such as night shift etc.,)
  • Annual Income:
  • Name of the Company:

Family Details

Father's Name: (mention if he is alive or no more)


Job Description:

Mother's Name: (mention if he is alive or no more)


Job Description:

(also mention if your parents separated and/or remarried)

Brother's or/and Sister's Name:


Job Description:

(also mention if married, unmarried, divorced and/or remarried)

Family Structure: (nuclear, joint)

Number of members in the family:

(also mention if the maid servant is available or not)

Horoscope Details

(if you are an Indian or intend to marry an Indian who believes in horoscopes or if you believe in horoscope)

  • Rashi:
  • Gotra:
  • Kul-devata:
  • Nad:
  • Kul
  • Caste:
  • Sub Caste:
  • Patrika:

Contact Details

  • Address:
  • Permanent Address:
  • Phone No:
  • Mobile No:
  • E-mail Id:
  • Fax No:
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Marriage Licenses

How do you find marriage records for genealogical research?

== == Records of marriages and divorces are generally kept by states, at least for the last 100 years or so. The National Center for Health Statistics has information on obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Specifically, look at their page "Where to write for vital records" and select your state. Some of this information is also available online through, if you pay for a membership. You might also try checking with the historical library in the area where your ancestor lived. "I found the will of my great great grandfather by this method and discovered I am a decendant of he and his house-keeper." Many early marriage records have been filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah and the microfilm can be "ordered in" at any of the numerous Family History Centers worldwide (branches libraries of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City) for a small fee (about $5.50). To see what's available, visit and click on "Explore the Family History Library Catalog." Click on "Place" and type the name of the county in which the marriage took place in the top search box. When the results appear, follow the link to "Vital Records" to see what's available. (Most marriage records seem to have been kept on a county level.)

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How long do you have to keep a marriage license after a divorce?

The Final Divorce Decree in esense nulls the Marriage License, so it does not need to be kept any longer than one feels necessary. In the divorce documents the fact is made that the union between the married couple is to be dissolved, so unless you want to keep it for nostalgic reasons, then it's ok to discard it. If there are kids involved in this divorce, they may wish to keep it for some reason.

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Marriage Licenses

How can an illegal alien marry in America when he does not have a photo ID or status?

That person can go to the consulate or embassy of her/his home country and see about obtaining a photo I.D. If that person is from Mexico, s/he can obtain a Matricula Consular. Nevada is the best place to get married. A social security number is not necessary. I married my illegal alien husband there. He just had one picture I.D. They asked for his social security number and we said he didn't have one. It wasn't a problem.

You can go to Las Vegas and do it there if he has his id from where ever he came from he can do it with that but dont put down any fale information. and qwestions feel free to e-mail me

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If air ticket was issued in married name but license is still in maiden name can client still get on the flight with a marriage license?

Call your airline, and check their policies about changing name, but i am sure they won't change it, however you can still ask them to add a note to your file so check-in can be easily done.

Yes bring along all documents necessary, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc. or any document proving your change of name by marriage.

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Do you change social security number after you get your marriage license?

No; the Social Security number you are first assigned is yours for life. The only thing you need is your name changed on your social security...the add your new surname

Marriage Licenses

Can an illegal alien marry a permanent green card holder and get a visa quicker?

No. It will take many years. Spouses of greencard-holders do not automatically have a visa number available. They have to be put on a waiting list.

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Is your marriage legal if you did not mail in the certificate?

No, I don't believe it is. You have to file the license to officially be considered married. Each state probably has a different amount of time to file before it won't accept it anymore.

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Marriage Licenses

If your marriage license was not processed due to a technical error but you had a proper wedding do you need to go through a divorce if you separate?

I believe you would need to call the office where your marriage license was issued, and ask them about the laws in your state. In some states you would still be married, regardless of the SNAFU.

I had this happen - and the lady at the office in the courthouse said "If you intended on getting married - you're married." So, yes, I had to have an attorney and the whole works.

If you are not legally married, you cannot get divorced. However, a technical error with the marriage license may not necessarily mean you are not legally married. It may be still legal, or you may be common law married.

If you are not legally married, you can still file a civil suit for the dissolution of property.

Marriage Licenses

Omaha where do you go for a marriage license?

You can apply for a marriage license through the Douglas County Clerk's Office. The below link will connect you to the Clerk's website. Information for marriage licenses can be obtained through a free website "Free Public Records Directory" by first linking to the State and then the County in which you live.

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If you have not signed a marriage license but had a religious ceremony then do you still have to have anything filed legally if the marriage ends?

If you never got the marriage licenses then you were never married. So you don't have to file for a divorce. However if you fight over things like who gets what you will probably end up in small claims court or something of that nature.

AnswerSTOP! It depends on where you live!

Do a search on Google for your country/state + "common law marriage" because there are some places that this is still in effect. A common law marriage is basically a marriage where the government did not become involved neccessarily or you may not of even had a ceremony but you (the couple) present yourselves as married. Different places have different rules in regards to common law marriages. There are only a handful of states in the United States that still recognize them.

Example: Sue and Bob live together. Their next door neighbor sees them kissing, hugging, and Sue introduces people to Bob as "This is my husband, Bob". Sue and Bob live in a state that recognizes Common Law marriages meaning that because of the statement of intent and cohabitation they are married. In order to separate they must file for a divorce. Also if they move to a state that doesn't recognize common law marriage they are STILL married because states in the United States recognize marriages from other states and they would still have to file for a divorce to separate.

If you live in a state that doesn't recognize common law marriage you MUST get a marriage license in order for it to be recognized. Most pastors and the like could do that for you if you pay the fee. My parents were wed by a non-denominational minister and they just had a couple things of paperwork to sign in addition to the ceremony. Check with your local library or the clerk's office for more details.

Note: This Answer was written in addressing those individuals who may be from USA, Canada. It is unknown how it applies to other countries.

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Is a Mexican marriage license valid in the us?

Yes. Your Social Security office should accept it when applying for a name change, etc.

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If you are married can you remarry in another state?

NO it is Illegal! It is called Bigamey and it is against the law in all 50 states. Until you are legally divorced from the fist spouse you can not remarry. They can find out when you do your taxes along with other methods . I belive it is a federal law . Just a question ? Why would you want to Marry more then one person? I am married and I think one is enough. If you are unhappy then file for divorce and start over.

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Marriage Licenses

How much does a marriage license cost in Augusta Georgia?

It costs about $30 as of January 28th 2009

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Can either parent sign a marriage license for their 16-year-old?

It depend on you situation, If you can prove to a court that getting married is the best thing for you then you probably don�t need your parents at all, but if you just want to get married at sixteen then you only need a parent who is a Legal guardian.

It depends on the state. Many states require the signature of both parents if they have equal custody.

If your parents are divorced then only 1 parent has to sign. My mom signed for me when I was 16 and me and my hubby are happily married!

If parents share joint custodial rights then both parents must give permission for a minor to marry.

If parents are married and one objects the minor cannot marry.

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Do you need to renew your marriage license?

If you're in the US, no.

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Can someone marry without a marriage license?

Not legally. All states require a license. It is actually illegal for anyone that CAN legally marry people to do so without a license. "Marriage" is a legal word and is contractual in the eyes of the government. Another view... Lawful, however is a different word with a different meaning. Because God's law's are over man's laws and He first ordained marriage, you do not need to have a marriage license in order to be married. There are many Godly preachers who will marry a couple without a license. Marriage is a covenant between you and God. There is also the matter of the definition of the word "license." It is "something given to you by a competent authority which allows you to do something which would otherwise be unlawful." Marriage is not unlawful and therefore does not require a license. In addition, a license gives the state jurisdiction over your marriage and the fruits thereof -- your children. Many cite this alone as reason for not obtaining a marriage license.
In many states it is illegal to conduct a marriage ceremony without a valid license. Without the license the marriage is not official. *If the couple wishing to marry reside in a state that allows common law marriage, a license is not required, nor is a formal service as long as they adhere to the established legal procedures required for the recognition of such a union.

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Can you get a marriage license if you have a bench warrant in VT so you can get married before you turn yourself in?

If you want to get married in Vermont you'll have to take your chances. Although the clerks that issue marriage licenses don't customarily check the state databases there is nothing to say that they won't either.

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When remarrying same person after divorce do i need marriage license in ga?



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