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No, adhesions are scar tissue that forms from previous surgery or infection.

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What does surgery for abdominal wall defects aim to do?

aims to return the abdominal organs back to the abdominal cavity, and to repair the defect if possible. It can also be performed to create a pouch to protect the intestines until they are inserted back into the abdomen

Is there a pulse near the stomach?

In slim people, you will sometimes be able to see pulsations from the abdominal aorta. Other than that - no there are no arteries big enough to create a pulse through the abdominal wall.

Can excessive exercise cause hair loss?

Excessive exercise will not cause hair loss unless it causes a hormonal imbalance. Excessive exercise associated with weight loss can create a nutritional deficiency, which could trigger hair loss.

Will your doctor cut you open in the same sot as last Time you had a c section?

Yes, most likely, unless there is a reason to create a new cut such as dense adhesions (scar tissue) or baby's position.

When could excessive hyper vigilance cause a problem?

Hyper vigilance is a serious medical condition. Excessive episodes of hyper vigilance can cause anxiety and paranoia which can create delusions for the sufferer.

Is it true that some bicyclists create unsafe situations by riding at excessive speeds for the traffic environment and weather?

From Texas Defense Driving Online, the full question is:Some bicyclists create unsafe situations by riding __________ for the traffic environment and weather conditions.Correct: at excessive speeds

Cause of broken piston rings?

The primary cause of broken piston rings is a lack of lubrication and excessive heat buildup. Broken rings create lost combustion and excessive oil burning.

Why is it important to avoid using an excessive inoculation and create a uniform smear?

The former will burn you; the latter will cause aerosols of microorganisms

Which volcanic hazard occurs when melted snow or excessive rain mixes with volcanic sediments?

This can create volcanic mudflows called lahars.

Why does a slow motor create high amps?

Excessive resistance (drag), will cause motor to draw more amps (current flow) to operate.

Which greek mythology god had excessive pride?

It is simple. If you create a fantasy, you want it to be the best because there are no limitations. To them the best was power and a fine life style.

Is excessive tickling abuse?

In short, if someone gets hurt or killed or is unhappy with it, then you need to stop. It is not exactly abuse, but it is harassment. There is no need to read anything else.Tickling and AbuseIf you asked him/her to stop and s/he goes on despite your protestations and pleas - it is abusive.Most people don't consider ticking someone breathless abuse, but the other poster is right. While some people aren't even ticklish the majority are. Tickling someone relentlessly causes breathlessness and can lead to choking or even vomiting. When asked to stop the tickler should! Too often an adult pins a child down in play and tickles the child. When the child screams out that they want it stopped the adult continues. It is abuse plain and simple. A little tickling goes a long way.Put it this way, the "Chinese Water Torture" (letting one drop of water fall on a tied down victim's forehead for hours) is not painful in the least, but the monotony of that one drop of water can drive a person insane.Everybody reacts to tickling differently. Many folks have multiple tickle spots with some of the areas sensitive. While there are others who may not have any tickle spots, the bottom of the feet were supposedly everybody's tickle spot. A lot of the answer lies in the word "excessive". There is a great amount of energy and adrenalin put out to endure the over kill tickle. As the partner doing the tickling displays what looks to be that of a "very satisfied emotion", they are actually getting enjoyment watching you trying to endure this excess tickle, until stopped.Forcing a child or adult to comply to something they do not like such as this tickling regiment is simply not right. The child will grow angry from frustration and it's just not acceptable. The tickler has a mean streak! Plain and simple! It's called "control!"Remember, we teach our children and have been taught ourselves that if someone is touching us in an inappropriate manner (not just sexual either) we have the right to say NO and that "no" should be taken seriously.Don't blame yourself. Most people will try tickling another and "tickling" never seems to be an abusive action, but when it's forced on someone that doesn't like it and it goes on and on, then it's simply abuse and a control factor. Still waters run deep.Next time ... say NO and mean it!Well, tickling is great when people are playing and they can say YES to a certain point but we must attuned to the fact that when we go to far when tickling someone, it can be serious. The fact is: tickling can for some be something like pleasure for example when we grab the feet of someone and we tickle the soles of the feet, in a soft way, it can relax and be something good and that person may like it. But when we are talking of someone very ticklish, we must be careful because, for that person, tickling isn't seen like a playing way but like a TORTURE and it is on that point that we must stop because it really can turn a person crazy and people really can lose their minds with that torment. When they are in ticklish agony, they can't breathe perfectly and the nervous system reacts to it causing sometimes a bad feeling. Tickling was used, too, in the time of the Romans, like a method of torture to get information and some people even died of so much tickling! We must respect the person that we are tickling especially if we are tickling on the most ticklish spot of the body: the FEET!It is all a matter of how it is used. For instance, take the situation of a young child, and a parent. Even though it isn't/wasn't meant to be abuse, it is. Sure, you were just having fun with your kid but next time, instead of tickling, even after you are asked/told to stop by your child, maybe tickle them for a period of time, stop, and if the child enjoyed it, try it again. Who knows, they might even try to tickle you back. This whole concept is usually fun, and taken in a "happy" manor, and usually results with a positive reaction, just as long as you are tickling, and not hurting. And don't do things that aren't comfortable with the other person, and you should be able to tell when you've overstepped your boundaries by the tone, even if it is smothered with laughter. The bottom line is, with children, they aren't built the way we are yet, and when they say "stop", it should be obeyed. Teens, and adults on the other hand know what they are getting into, and should be prepared with what happens."Excessive" is the operative word. If it's taken to a level where it's painful, or continued after the person has been asked to stop (if you aren't 100% sure you can tell a playful "Hey, cut it out!" from the person truly wanting it stopped, then don't do it. Always err on the side of not abusing.) Also, the circumstances matter: a normally non- abusive amount of tickling when the person is carrying something (thus making him/her drop it and have to clean it up, break it, etc.) or has to go to the bathroom (thus making him/her have an accident though it would normally take an amount considered abusive) or other circumstances where it would be harmful or create problems for the person would be abuse.And the person being tickled always has the last word on where the line between fun and harm is drawn. Permission is also the element that separates sex from rape, or accepting a gift from theft, or a visit from a home invasion. It applies here, and is the one thing that decides whether or not this a game or a violent act.Sometimes tickling can be about fun and nothing more. Sometimes, however, it can be used to control and intimidate. If someone makes you suffer against your will, no matter what the method, it is abuse.ANSWERTickling can be a whole lot of fun when both the he and the her respect each others' boundaries, which is an absolute must. Tickling involves personal contact, and must be consensual. If it is not, then it is abuse!ANSWERClaiming that tickling is abuse is ridiculous. How many people honestly are harmed while being tickled? It's not like complete strangers come up and abuse you in the street by tickling you. Claiming that you're harming your children by tickling them is absurd. It's part of this culture and you can't point your fingers at someone and claim they are abusive just because you have an issue with being tickled.ANSWERJust like anything else it can be good or bad. Excessive tickling is far worse than a simple beating. The tickler is bigger and stronger than you and has you pinned beneath them. Its very painful and you have no control over simple reflexive actions of your body. Its like this person has hijacked your body and you are powerless.ANSWERThe phrase, "Its like this person has hijacked your body and you are powerless" is bang on. And yet because you are laughing, it seems as if the whole experience should be fun. You're frantic contortions to escape the tickling and yet your desperate laughter from the tickling make for a potent psychological combination of agonizingly pleasurable hysterics.ANSWERNo tickling is not good particularly the person who are ticklish. Maybe you can give him/her some test tickles but continuing it is doing harm to him/her. But tickling a child who is really helpless is an abuse... straight and simple.ANSWERThe main problem is that it is too easy for the tickler to go overboard. We've all been tickled beyond our comfort zone, so we know that agonizing helplessness, laughter verging on hysteria, the frantic desperation for it to stop yet caught up by the intense sensation. The intense sensation makes it very hard for the person to indicate that they have had enough. It is very easy to cause breathless laughter and eye rolling panic in a very ticklish person, so that their body is totally under the tickler's control. If the tickler is not sensitive to how helpless the truly ticklish are, he or she may drive the insanely ticklish to the brink of insanity, without realizing it.The main problem is not the tickling, but the tickler's lack of awareness of what the truly ticklish are experiencing during the tickling. Even if the tickling started off as playful, it is very easy to cross the prolonged tickling line for the totally ticklish. Making the experience very psychologically upsetting for the person. Yet the person's laughter seems to indicate to the tickler that the person is enjoying the experience immensely and the person's laughter seems to indicate to the person, themselves, that they should also be enjoying the experience. The person is caught between the pleasure and pain centers of the brain which are "close" together. Thus, making the tickling both a present and punishment at the same time.

What effect does current have on a wire?

The wire will heat up and melt if the current is excessive.

Do bicyclists create unsafe situations by riding at an excessive speed or by riding without proper attire?

They should follow the same rules of the road as everyone else.

What are plateletsanswer in 2 lines?

Platelets are a type of blood cell which prevent excessive blood loss. They stick together to create blood clots, and are manufactured 'to order' when we bleed.

How would you use the word satyriasis in a sentence?

Satyriasis is a noun that means an uncontrollable or excessive sexual drive. Example: A person suffering from satyriasis can create problems with their personal relationships.

Would having a hysterecomy cure endometriosis?

Hysterectomy or removal of the uterus does not cure the condition. As the cells from endometrium may be present in the abdominal cavity. They will continue to create problem with the hormonal changes of the ovaries.

What are Names of intestinal muscles?

The muscles in the intestines are not named, specifically. There are circumferential muscle layers and longitudinal muscle layers in the intestines. These muscle layers create the peristalsis that moves food and digestive products through the intestinal tract. If you are asking the names of the muscles of the abdominal wall, they are the rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and the transverse abdominal muscles.

How does Charles Dickens create suspense and tension in Great Expectations?

By using excessive punctuation. By releasing weekly periodicals. By leaving so many questions unanswered and moving characters in and out of the scenes.

What is the medical term meaning surgical creation of an outside excretory opening?

The suffix -ostomy means to create an opening. A colostomy is bringing a portion of the colon to the abdominal wall through an opening. Other ostomies include ileostomy and cecostomy. One can also have an ileal diversion urostomy, in which the ureters are connected to a pouch created out of a portion of the small bowel (ileum) which then empties out through the abdominal wall.

What does alcohol increase your risk for?

In excessive amounts alcohol abuse and alcoholism can create fatty liver, weight gain, diabetes, gastritis, high blood pressure, short life span, psychosis, depression, suicide.

What do the oblique muscles do?

The obliques function to pull the chest downwards and compress the abdominal wall. It also has some actions in both flexion and rotation of the vertebral column. The obliques contracting on one side can create lateral flexion on that side.

Can being overweight cause bladder issues?

Yes, being overweight can create some serious bladder weakness. If you are overweight it puts an extra pressure on abdominal and pelvic muscles. Over exposure to such pressure can lead to bladder weakness.

What happens when you get too much vitamin a?

A toxicity, an excessive amount that is poisonous in the body. Too many supplements can create an excessive amounts of Vitamin A that cause headaches, vomiting, double vision, abnormal bones, and liver damage. Added by makkarjs As vitamin A is fat-soluble, disposing of any excesses taken in through diet is much harder than with water-soluble vitamins B and C. As such, vitamin A toxicity can result. This can lead to nausea, jaundice, irritability, anorexia (not to be confused with anorexia nervosa, the eating disorder), vomiting, blurry vision, headaches, muscle and abdominal pain and weakness, drowsiness and altered mental status. source :

What are some exercises to get flat abs?

In order to get flat abs one must work on developing muscles in the abdominal region, but also work on burning fat throughout the body, so that the abdominal muscles will show. In order to create muscle, exercises such as sit ups, bicycle, leg raises, or planks work well. In order to burn fat, cardiovascular exercises such running, spinning, or even walking will help.