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It depends on the law where you live and your custody order. If the father has sole legal custody (as opposed to physical custody) he would be able to make that decision without input from the mother. If legal custody is joint or the mother has sole legal custody, no he could not.

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Q: Can father let child miss school without mothers permission?
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Yes they can

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Can a school send information to a absent father who has not had contact with his children for 18 months without permission off the mother?

Yes, they will not discriminate.

What age in new Zealand can you leave school without parents permission?

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its called skipping

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16.with permission. 18.without permission. but please dont do it. it stoopid

What is the legal age for quitting school without parental permission?

18. You can quit at 16 with your parents' permission.

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Can a school look through a student's cell phone?

In most cases, a school can't look through a students cell phone without a parents permission. If the school thinks the phone poses a risk to safety, they can look at the phone without permission.

How can you sign yourself out of school without parents permission at seventeen?

no u must be eighteen

Can a 16-year-old drop out of school without parent permission in Iowa?

yes you can

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Without permission, yes.

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In Arkansas how old do you have to be to drop out of school with or without permission from your parents?

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Can a child quit school at the age of 16 with his parents permission in the state of co?

As of 2014, a child under the age of 17 is required to remain in school. The child is not allowed to leave school with or without the permission of parents.

In Missouri can father take child from custodial parent if she gave permission for child to temporarily live with maternal grandmother till end of school year?

Not without a court order. see link