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Not unless there was a lot of pesticides on the strawberry, or unless the mouse was allergic to the berry and reacted. Mice and rats can eat much of what we can with no problems.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-03 14:32:27
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Q: Can feeding your mice strawberrys kill them?
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dude why are you feeding mice aspirin in the first place?

Does feeding a mouse bread kill them?

No, mice like bread.

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No, Marshmallows will not kill mice.

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i wouldn't give your hamster strawberrys if i were you! If you feed any hamster dairy products or fruit you could give it diareah or kill it.

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Pinkie mice.

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You can kill mice by using an electronic mouse trap called, Rat Zapper.

Does sulphur kill mice or make them leave?

Sulphur can kill mice and rats because it is toxic to them.

What attracts possums?

SiT down with leaves strawberrys and apples at about 10:00pm that's sure to do it just shoo away rats and mice

Feeding baby mice?

You can feed baby mice kitten formula by diluting the formula by a two thirds. Mice do not do well with cows milk.

Do miniature poodles kill mice or prevent mice?

Mine did

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Snap traps and electric traps typically kill mice quickly, if not instantaneously.

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What animal did Lenny kill in Of Mice and Men?

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