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Yes, gay men are men, and all men can make babies, unless they have a sterility problem.

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Q: Can gay men make babies
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Does jazz make babies gay?

No. Nothing can make babies gay. Babies are either born gay or they are not. Babies will listen and love any music they hear. Jazz may make babies happy, seeing as any noise gives the infants some kind of mental stimulation.

Can men make babies?


If you check out men does that make you gay?

No. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to those men.

Are most gay men circumsised?

No, most gay men in the world are not circumcised. Consider the fact that most circumcisions are done before the child reaches adulthood (and in fact, most are babies). How would the parents know what the sexual orientation of their son is?Also, most of the world does not practice circumcision, and gay men make of 3-8% of all men in every society, so most gay men live in places where there is no circumcision.

Can you have gay relationship in the Sims?

Yes. You obviously cant have babies this way, but you can do everything men and women can do!

Why she is important?

Women are very important, because if they were not alive, then there would be no babies and all men would have to be gay.

How many gay babies are born?

About 3% to 8% of all babies are gay.

How do gay men become men?

Gay men are already men. They don't become men.

Does wearing eyeliner if you are a guy make you gay?

It is not usual but no it does not make you gay. If you are male and are attracted to men then you have a homosexual orientation.

If a guy was gay would he make out with a girl?

He might. Just because someone is gay doesn't mean he wouldn't or couldn't make out with girls. It is just that gay men prefer the company of other men, romantically.

Do married men like gay guys?

Yes. Gay guys make great friends.

If a guy is watching a girly show does that make him gay?

No. He is only gay if he is sexually attracted to men.

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