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Can genes of two persons be identical?


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The genes of identical twins are identical because the twins come from one egg that has split after fertilization. Fraternal twins are not identical since they come from two eggs but have occupied the mother's womb at the same time.


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Identical twins. Although horses sometimes have twins I'm not sure if they have identical twins.

identical twins have the same genes from the same parents. Non identical twins have different genes.

When breeders cross two genetically identical organisms the same genes have an increased chance of expressing themselves in the offspring. However, the offspring will also have genes from ancestors.

Yes.A homozygous genotype is a gene with two identical alleles. Recessive genes are represented by a lowercase letter. Thus, a homozygous recessive genotype would be two identical genes with lowercase letters.

If their genetic makeup is identical then they are identical twins.

genetic make up with two identical genes with lowercase.

Depending on how they got identical genes, they may be clones (if it was done artificially, and they were born at different times), or if they were born at the same time, they could be identical twins. However, I don't think horses ever have twins.

No, because not all genes are selected from the parents. Identical brothers/sisters have exactly the same genes...the egg split just after genes were selected. They will sure look similar, though.

i think it means to have identical genes the same genes as it's parent's cell'si've only heard that term when i was studying mitosis, which is the process of cell divisionand when a cell divides, the two daughter cells are genetically identical.hope that helps

In a divided cell, the nuclei is identical because it can only reproduce "A sexually" in a sense. Meaning, that if offspring is reproduced, then it must have the genes of the parent cells, but if there is only one parent, then it will have only the exact genes of the single parents, there by being identical.

homozygous having a pair of identical genes (TT or tt) hetrozygous having a pair of non-identical genes (Tt)

in mono hybrid there is one pair of genes between two identical heterozygous

Identical twins have identical chromosomes with identical genes.Non-identical twins have similar chromosomes but some genes differ between the two people.All people have the same sets of chromosomes (barring occasional anomalies). The reason identical (monozygotic) twins have the same genes is that they started life as one fertilized egg (zygote), which began to divide to form one embryo, but subsequently split into two, each of which formed a complete human being.So the cells of identical twins are as alike as the cells of your arm and leg; they come from the same sperm and egg.Non-identical (dizygotic or fraternal) twins developed from two different zygotes, that formed when two genetically different sperms fertilized two genetically different ova that happened both to be mature at the same time. Non-identical twins are no more alike genetically than any other siblings (brothers and sisters).

No two people in the world are exactly the same except identical twins. Their chromosomes are exactly the same because the egg split in two and formed two identical embryos.

Identical twins have the same 26 genes. Genetically they are the same, although there is a chance that they can have different features.

No, because identical twins which share identical genes have distinct fingerprints.

As people are a product of their genes and their environment, and as there is virtually no case where genes and environment are identical (even for twins), the odds are that no, no two people could ever be exactly the same.

To be strict, if you look real close, they haven't. But their genes are very, very similar.And the why is because identical twins start out as onefertilized egg that splits and produce two babies.One fertilized egg, one set of genes.Identical twins have the same DNA because they were created when a fertilised egg split in half - so they are two identical copies of the original. Identical twins have different fingerprints because fingerprints are formed in the womb and have nothing to do with their DNA. Obviously both twins couldn't be in the same position in the womb, so their fingerprints will vary. Hope that s your question.

Written in their genes

Asexual reproduction replicates only the genes of the original cell, which splits to produce two virtually identical cells.

nope...but identical twins can be upto 99.9% similar

The word homozygous refers to having two identical pairs of genes for any given pair of hereditary characteristics.

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