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Genital herpes does not cause Cervical cancer.

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Q: Can genital herpes cause cervical cancer?
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Related questions

Does genital herpes virus cause cervical cancer?

Genital herpes virus does not cause cancer in cervix, but may contribute to it.

Does genital herpes lead to cervical cancer?

Genital herpes does not cause cervical cancer because it is caused by a totally different virus from HPV.

WHAT STD can cause genital warts or cervical cancer?

HPV is the STD that can cause genital warts or cervical cancer. HPV stands for human papillomavirus.

Can you get cervical cancer from herpes?

HPV is the virus that causes cervical cancer. While herpes may increase the risk of having HPV, is is not a direct cause of cervical cancer.

What cause's cervical cancer?

The number 1 cause of cervical cancer in women is infection of the HPV (genital wart) virus.

Which STDSTI can cause genital warts and cervical cancer?


Can genital warts cause cervical cancer?

The subtypes of HPV that cause genital warts are not typically the subtypes that increase the risk of cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine lowers the risk of the subtypes that most commonly cause cancer.

Are genital warts and herpes related?

NO they are totally different viruses. Some types of genital warts (HPV) can cause cervical cancer. HSV is herpes simplex virus, it doesn't do much to your body besides cause ocasional pain full blisters or sores.

Does herpes zoster cause genital herpes?

Herpes zoster can't cause genital herpes.

Can herpes simplex cause genital herpes?

Herpes simplex 1 will not cause genital herpes.

Can Shingles cause genital herpes?

Shingles can't cause genital herpes.

Can genital warts cause herpes?

Genital warts can't cause herpes.

Does genital herpes cause vomiting?

Genital herpes doesn't cause vomiting.

How long does it take to develop cervical cancer after exposure to genital warts?

First, the HPV subtypes that cause genital warts are not the types that typically cause cervical cancer. Second, cervical cancer is a slowly-developing disease that is easily prevented through regularly scheduled cervical screening, like pap smears.

Can genital herpes and a swollen cervix kill you?

Herpes isn't life thretening so that won't kill you. As for the swollen cervix, that depends on what is causing the inflamation (herpes doesn't cause that). If it's cervical cancer then that can kill you if it's not treated early.

Can high-risk HPV cause genital warts?

No your heightened risk for cervical cancer can not do that.

Does genital herpes outbreak cause gas?

No, genital herpes outbreak does not cause gas.

Can genital warts be fatal?

Genital warts don't directly cause death but genital warts are associated with Cervical Cancer which could kill..

Does genital herpes cause testicular pain?

No it does not. Genital herpes can cause pain but it doesn't cause pain in the testicals.

Can herpes simplex develop into genital herpes?

Herpes simplex types 1 and 2 both cause genital herpes. They don't "turn into" genital herpes -- they're the germ that you catch to get genital herpes.

What is the difference between HPV and genital herpes and can both cause cancer?

HPV (human papillomavirus) causes all kinds of warts -- on your hands, feet, knees, and genitals. Some subtypes of HPV cause genital warts; a few high risk types can cause cancer, including cancer of the cervix, anus, penis, vulva, head, and neck. The types of HPV that cause warts are not the types that cause cancer. Genital Herpes is caused by a herpetic virus, is not related to warts, and is not linked to cancer like HPV is. However, having genital herpes AND HPV increases your risk of cancer from the HPV virus.

Does genital herpes cause impotence?

Nope genital herpes has nothing to do with impotence or infertlility.

Does gonorrhea cause cervical cancer?

Gonorrhea does not cause cervical cancer. HPV causes cervical cancer.

Can warts cause HPV?

It is the opposite, HPV causes genital warts and they are common and HVP can cause penis and cervical cancer.

Which STD does Herpes Simplex virus cause?

Herpes Simplex I causes oral herpes though it can cause genital herpes and is transmitted through oral sex. Herpes Simplex II causes genital herpes though it can cause oral herpes and is transmitted through oral sex as well as through genital-to-genital contact.