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Yes - cattle and goats do well eating most types of green vegetation. However, depending on the other feeds available and the taste of the carrot tops, the cows or goats may not actually eat them.

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What is the green part of the carrot called?

They are called carrot tops, leaves or carrot greens.

Why do carrots have green tops?

Because a carrot is a root so the green top is actually the plant on top. What you eat is the root that was underground.

Can goats eat turnip green tops?

Since humans eat turnip greens, I am sure that goats would enjoy them too. They are also extremely nutritious.

Can chickens eat carrot tops?

Yes, chickens can indeed eat the tops of carrots. Carrots and carrot tops are not toxic to this animal and can be safely consumed.

Is carrot an adjective?

It is a noun. But it can be used an a noun adjunct or adjective: a carrot patch, carrot tops.

What is the top of a carrot top called?

They're leaves...and called carrot tops.

Is a carrot a consumer a producer or a decomposer?

All producers are green, at least some part of them are. The tops of carrots fit this definition.

Are carrot tops poisonous to cattle?

YES, carrot tops do contain toxins!! It is unlikely your animal will be poisoned by feeding them a small amount of carrot top, however, if your animal has been eating any other alkaloid based plants such as "dog fennel" they could become sick and die from alkaloid poisoning! We received a sick baby goat from someone who had no real food in their field, only dog fennel and mint. The goat was thin, drooling and had diarrhea. He had alkaloid poisoning from eating dog fennel!! Poor things throat was so sore it could hardly swallow and we had to force feed it. He was doing fine for a week, eating lots of leaves, drinking and putting on a little weight. At our farm we had very small amounts in from of the barn and he would go right for the smelly weed though none of our goats eat it at all. We pulled every drop we could find within his reach. I puled some carrots out of the garden and mom offered them to the goats who turned their noses up at them, all of them except the baby goat. Within hours he was in distress again with the same symptoms. I searched the internet and discovered carrot tops can cause alkaloid poisoning, just like dog fennel!! Poor goat died, within 24 hours of eating the carrot tops, from alkaloid poisoning. So, YES, carrot tops can be poisonous to goats and cows!!

Can guinea pigs eat carrot tops?

Yes! My guinea pigs love to eat carrot tops. Just make sure that it is clean before you give it to them and they will love it!

Can a little rabbit eat up to 500 carrots a day?

No. No one rabbit of any size can eat 500 carrots a day. PS- what rabbits REALLY like is not the carrot, but the green tops of the carrot plant.

What part do you eat on a carrot?

Most people eat the orange part of the carrot; however, the tops or greens of the carrot are edible and very nutritious.

What does a parsnip plant look like?

It looks just like a carrot except that the root is white instead of orange. There are frilly green tops and the parsnip grows under the ground and look just like a white carrot.

Can a gini pig eat carrot tops?

No - but guinea pigs can!!

Do rabbits eat carrot tops?

Yes, rabbits do eat carrot tops. Many rabbits LOVE carrot tops. Carrot tops are very healthy for rabbits and can be included in the rotation of daily "salad" greens. Carrots themselves, though, are high in sugar and starches and should be considered a treat and strictly limited. Too many carrots or any treat can lead to illness. See the related questions below for more info and helpful links.

What foods can you grow to feed rabbits?

parsley, cilantro, carrots (green tops can be fed without too much of the carrot attached), dill, mint, broccoli, basil, dark green leaf lettuce

Are carrot tops edible?

they are edible, they just don't taste good

Do dairy cows eat carrot tops?

no, wrong . yes they do if they are fresh

Can tortoises eat carrot tops?

Carrot tops are high in oxalic acid, and have an unfavorable calcium/potassium ratio. We do occasionally give small amounts to our tort, she loves them, but it's probably best to avoid them.

Can a ginea pig eat carrot tops?

They probably could but I usually cut the tops off carrots for my guinea pigs.

How many days does it take carrots to germinate?

how many days it take to germinate carrot leaves in water using carrot tops

What do you do when your rabbits is not eating any food?

give them a treat like a piece of carrot or some fresh carrot tops or clover. (not a lot)

How does one get rid of a surfeit of carrots?

Excess carrots can be pickled, dried, canned or frozen for preservation. Grated carrot mixed with honey is touted as an effective facial masque, and some floral designers showcase both the carrot and its green leafy tops in their designs.

Can humans eat raw carrot tops?

Yes, they can be eaten raw in salads

What does a female rabbit eat while pregnant?

You should be feeding her regular rabbit pellets plus lots of other good snacks such as other greens, like carrot tops, carrots, bits of lettuce, alfalfa hay, green tops off of vegetables, etc.

Are carrot tops fine for guinea pigs to eat?

yes! they are a great treat for your guinea pig!

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