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It sort of depends. Like if you have a very bad burn it wont work. If you have a very bad burn just use aloe vera.

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Q: Can green tea also get rid of sunburns?
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Can green tea get rid of gallstones?

it cant get rid of it but it can prevent it.

Does green tea rid the body of marijuana?


Why do Chinese drink green tea?

as i know, green tea is good for us.. green tea can strong our mind...ok,thanks ***unrealdjd- Green Tea has very strong antioxidants in it, these antioxidants help our body rid itself of impurities.

Does Green Tea whiten your skin?

Green Tea does whiten your skin over a period of time. It doesn't whiten your skin in just a couple of days. The best green tea daily face wash that i know is " St Ive's Green tea cleanser" it has salicylic acid which can get rid of acne also. it is only about 5 dollars in america. Very greatly inexpensive ;)

What are the effects of green tea and weight loss?

Green tea is a good way to lose extra pounds that you want to get rid of.. It does flush out your system and refreshes you.. Drink green tea and you will fill so much better and you can get green tea in different flavors so you can have a varities and not the same one.

What is the best relief for sunburns?

Take a bath in tea water by adding several bags of tea to a warm bath.

Is jasmine pearl tea green tea?

Yes, jasmine pearl tea is normally green tea, but it can also be white or (less commonly) Chinese black tea. Green is more common and easy to find. If a vendor does not specify whether it is green or white, it's probably green. Jasmine pearl tea is also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea.

What are the uses of tea?

Tea can be used for many things i use a wet tea bag for sunburns but alot of people use it to detoxify their bodys.

What is white tea use for?

tea can be used for many things i use a wet tea bag for sunburns but alot of people use it to detoxify their bodys.

What is Japanese tea made of?

In common ceremonial teas, matcha is made of powdered green tea leaves, and minced green tea leaves that are dried make green tea and also help make black tea and sometimes jasmine tea. Chamomile and dried fruits can also be found in popular teas.

Is green tea healthy to drink?

Green tea extract is healthy to drink. It has been published that green tea extract helps to prevent esophagus cancer. Research also shows that green tea extract helps to reduce cholesterol. There are many more advantages to drinking green tea extract.

How does green tea help to lose wight?

it helps because of the nutrients inside... like how acid helps get rid of thing... like acid eats things up. well so does green tea! thats also why alot of people say it is bad for you. hope this helped!

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