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No. Absolutely not. The ground conductor is not rated to carry constant current flow. It is only rate to carry fault current flow.

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Q: Can ground conductor use as a neutral conductor in a house wiring?
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What is the brown wire on my house wiring?

If you live in Europe, then the brown wire is the line ('hot') conductor; a blue wire is the neutral conductor, and a yellow/green striped wire is the protective (earth) conductor.

What are the three main electric conductors?

If you're referring to the conductors in typical house wiring: Hot, Neutral, and Ground.

What are present house wiring colours?

Typical house wiring in the United States is: Green or bare copper = ground White = neutral (Center tap of the feed transformer) Black or red = hot.

Is it ok to connect the green ground wire to the white neutral wire in house wiring?

The electrical code states that the only place that the ground wire comes into contact with the neutral wire is at the distribution panel. All other circuits connected to the distribution panel require the ground to come back as a separate wire. No where in the field wiring must a neutral wire connect to a ground wire.

What are three wires that make up an electrical circuit?

In house wiring you have hot (Black), neutral (White) and ground (Bare wire).

What is the process of bringing a negatively charged conductor in a contact with the earth resulting in the conductor discharging until it is completely neutral called?

The process is called grounding. Many devices need to be grounded, hence the U shaped pin on a devices that make contact with the ground in normal house wiring.

Why is copper used in house wiring but tungsten is not?

copper is a good conductor

What are the wire colors for 120 240 for house wiring?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply, red,blue and neutral is white and green for ground in a perfect world!Red, black, blue and white are used for some three phase colour coding. For single phase house wiring the prevalent colours are red, black and white for neutral. Most cable set ground wires are bare. When discussing cable sets the ground wire is not included in the wire count as it is a non current carrying conductor.

Is the black wire in a plug live or neutral?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service.In the US the black wire in a plug is the "hot" conductor. The neutral is white. In most of Europe and Australasia on old or fixed house wiring the black is neutral.

Why Hot and neutral are both hot?

You'll have to explain your problem better.If HOT black and Neutral White in your house wiring are both hot then Neutral is NOT bounded to ground in main panel and neutral could be floating. There should be no voltage between Neutral and Ground (Bare wire in panel). By code if there are multiple panels Ground is only bonded to Neutral in th emain entry panel. I have seen cases where this bonding was not done. At your main panel check voltage between neutral and ground. It should be zero.

Which wires go where when putting a power cord on a 120V compressor motor?

In common house wiring, black is the power wire, white is the neutral, and green is the ground wire.

Can you use the neutral wire to ground a ceiling fan outlet in a house with 2 wire no ground wiring?

No, never use the neutral conductor for anything but a neutral. If the house has no grounding system then there is no need to connect the fan ground wire to anything. Just keep in mind that the wiring in the house could be 70 plus years old and the insulation on this wire will be starting to break down if handled too much. Just cap the wire off and install the fan. Old two wire knob and tube systems were used in the 20's and they never used a ground with them. In the 40's NMD cable was used but it also never had a ground wire. It was in the early 60's that the third wire was added to NMD cable, it was a bare copper wire that was used for grounding equipment. Now the new wiring code states that there must be a grounding system in place for new installations.

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