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No, hair perms can not cause cancer.

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Q: Can hair perms cause cancer
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Related questions

Can hairspray and perms cause thinning hair?

Perms damage your hair which eventually thins it out, just like straightening it or blowdrying it too much can. Although, hairspray should not thin your hair.

What is in a hair perms?

In hair perms there are chemicals that damage it and those chemicals can even change your hair color and leave a ugly result.those are the stuff that is in hair perms.

Will perms damage long and thick hair?

Perms are reputed with causing damage to hair.

Do cost cutters give wavy hair perms?

Does Cost Cutters do perms on your hair

Does cervical cancer cause hair loss?

can cervical cancer cause hair loss

How are perms bad for your hair?

Perms are very bad for your hair. It's like putting raw eggs in your hair. Gross!

What do perms do to hairs?

Perms curl your hair and a relaxer straightens your hair. Many people confuse the two.

If your black and you have straight hair and you've been getting straight hair perms since you were little could you get start using curl perms will it damage your hair?

curl perms? i have never heard of that. but what i know is that if u get growth and then cut all the straight permed hair ur natural unpermed hair wont be damaged. and once ur hair is long enough ur could tong ur hair to make it straight. once in a while tonging ur hair is good but not everyday. All kinds of perms cause damage because the hair is treated with chemicals which can make hair more porous and thus can be easily breakable. So yes curling perms will cause damage.

Do perms ruin your hair?


Are perms bad for your hair?


Can perms break your hair?

yes it can

Is the Hot Tools 1051 Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer a good system for perms?

Its good on perms because it has safe heat which the settings are good for perms and delicate hair

Why don't perms wash out when you wash your hair?

Perms CHEMICALLY, not PHYSICALLY, change your hair. It's not like a spray or a gel that can be removed.

Is good hair better with perms or wihout perms?

It depends on your hair type and other things. If your hair is damaged of really thick you might not want to get one.

How do straight hair perms work?


If a grain of hair was pulled out of your skin can you get cancer?

I think anyone can get cancer, but pulling our hair does not cause it.

Which medications cause hair loss?

Cancer medications cause severe hair loss.

Does the hair product keratin cause cancer?


What can cause hair growth to stop?


Is it common to loose hair from cancer?

Normally cancer wont cause you to lose your hair. Chemotherapy is what usually causes cancer patients to lose there hair.

What cancers cause hair loss?

Breast cancer and stomach cancer

What do perms do to oily and fine hair?

they make it curly!

Do ionic hair dryers cause cancer?

No, They are good for you.

Is perms bad for your hair?

Yes, they are bad for your air and are NOT permanent

What is the difference between perms and relaxers?

A relaxer is where you get your hair straightened. A perm is when you get your hair curly.