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No, That's what your Major Medical or Health Insurance policy is for.

Homeowners Insurance is "Property Insurance". The very, very small amount of medical coverage offered on most home insurance policies is for accidental injuries to others while on your property.

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Q: Can homeowners insurance cover owners medical bills when hurt in a park?
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Would the homeowners insurance cover medical bills due to domestic dispute?


Would the homeowners insurance cover medical bills due to an assault?

No. Homeowners Insurance typically do not provide liability coverage for criminal acts. Your medical insurance is a good source of coverage for health care needs.

If someone breaks their foot on my property can I file a homeowners insurance claim for their medical bills?

Yes you May all you have to do is get intouch with your insurance agent or Company.

If a Homeowners dog bites a child and tears their lip open causing multiple surgeries what is the insurance liability to pay medical bills liability or compensation?

If a Homeowners dog bites a child and tears their lip open causing multiple surgeries what is the insurance liability to pay medical bills liability or compensation?

Can you sue your own home owners ins if you fall on the ice and break a rib?

Homeowners insurance is not set up to pay for your medical bills. Generally, your policy will have coverage for medical payments to OTHERS if they get hurt on your property, due to your negligence or the existence of unsafe conditions.

Do car insurance give you the money to medical bills?

If you have medical payments in your insurance. Liability only does not pay medical benefits. And the medical bills have to be the result of an auto accident.

Does insurance pay medical bills whenyou have breast caancer?

yes they pay for your medical bills

Does homeowners insurance cover medical bills for my husband that was hurt while fixing the house?

No. The medical payments to others coverage specifically excludes medical coverage for the named insureds and any houshold members. Health insurance is the only coverage that will cover this type of loss.

Does liability insurance cover your medical bills?


We were visiting my mother-in-law and my wife tripped over my dog and broke her elbow will my own homeowners insurance help pay the medical bills?

You have an insurance policy which explicitly spells out what is insured and what kinds of claims you can make, so you might want to read your policy, but I can tell you that the purpose of homeowner's insurance is to protect you from financial loss resulting from damage to, or theft of the property in your home; it is not medical insurance and does not pay medical bills of whatever sort.

If someone other than a resident of your home falls on a step is your homeowners insurance responsible?

They could sue you for negligence and loss would be covered under your liability section of your homeowners policy. Also, they could recover doctors bills or medical for the incident under your guest medical coverage.

Are renters covered under home owners insurance I own a home and rent it out the tenant slipped and fell on the hardwood stairs is his medical and hospital bills covered under my home owners policy?

No, your renters medical bills are covered under their own major medical policy. Should your tenant sue you and you have the appropriate Landlords Dwelling Policy coverage with liability, your insurance company would cover the cost to defend you in court as well as any judgment rendered up to your policy limits should you be found liable for the tenants injuries. If you have only a homeowners insurance policy and failed to endorse your property insurance coverage for tenant occupancy then your home insurance is null and void and will not provide coverage for you at all.

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