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Can humans eat bugs?

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Yes, you can eat most bugs,but some are poisoness!!

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How do bats help humans?

They eat the bugs that harm humans and alot of bugs.

List three ways roundworms are helpful to humans?

They eat bugs and eat more bugs and more bugs

What do loft bugs eat?


What are the differences between insects and humans?

Insects and humans are similar because insects and humans both eat bugs and other insects. Insects and humans are similar because insects and humans both eat bugs and other insects. Insects and humans are similar because insects and humans both eat bugs and other insects.

Bugs that eat humans?

Leechs Mosquitoes

How do birds in a garden help humans?

They eat the bugs that try to eat plants!

What is an example of a food chain including a orangutan?

1. Bugs eat plants. 2. Orangutans eat bugs. 3. Humans eat orangutans.

Do geese eat humans in winter?

No geese do not eat mammals or birds they eat bugs and various aquatic plants. Humans however do eat geese.

How do dragonflies help humans?

they eat bugs that anoy and hert humans and dragonflies don't harm humans.

What did early humans eat that we don't eat?

They eat bugs or other types of disgusting things

What do humans in the jungle eat?

Anything edible that grows there and bugs!!

Can humans consume ticks?

They are not the most delicious. Humans can eat all sorts of bugs if they chose to.

Do cockroaches eat bed bugs?

Cockroaches that live in our houses are always scavengers. They will not eat bedbugs. Fire ants are said to eat the bugs, but these may sting humans.

When can monkeys eat?

bannannas, apples,bugs, cocoanuts, sometimes humans

What animals eat bugs?

Birds, snakes, some fish, other bugs, lizards, and even Humans are all examples of animals that eat insects.

Are water bugs harmful?

No. They are carnivores, and will eat other bugs that go in or are living in the water. They are not harmful to humans either.

What bugs can humans eat?

Form what I know humans can eat, beetles(dead) ,worms,crickets,ants, and I know that there are more. I hope this helps!!

How many bugs do humans eat while sleeping?

104 a year and about 104,000 a life

Do bed bugs eat other things besides blood?

Yes they eat humans food crumes.

Are June bugs poisonous?

No, June bugs are not poisonous to humans or to animals. An animal, like a dog, may get ill i they eat to many.

What kind of bugs do grand daddy long legs eat?

they eat tornadoes humans text books and brains

How many bugs does the average person swallow in a lifetime?

Humans eat about twelve bugs on average while sleeping. There is no way of calculating how many bugs we consume in our food.

Are lightning bugs poisonous to humans?

No lightning bugs are not poisonous to humans.

Do June bugs bite humans?

Yes, June bugs do bite humans.

What kind of bugs do water bugs eat?

They don't eat bugs