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Yes. Hurricanes are enormous storm systems, hundreds of miles wide and several miles tall. Tall buildings have no affect on them.

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Q: Can hurricane hit places with tall buildings?
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Where did the victims of Hurricane Katrina stay after the hurricane?

many people from different places such as Louisiana Alabama and Mississippi and other places that got hit went to big sturdy buildings such as the Superdome.

What places did hurricane camille hit?

Hurricane Camille hit Mississippi, Louisiana and Virginia.

What time did Hurricane Katrina hit?

Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana on about August 25-26, 2005. I don't know when it hit all the other places.

Will New England get a hurricane this summer?

There is no way of predicting what places will be hit by hurricanes in any hurricane season.

Where did hurricane sandy hit last?

It hit last in the United States and some places in Canada

How tall was hurricane Katrina?

Hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest hurricane that hit the United States. The storm surge from Katrina reached 20 feet.

What were the worse hit places from Hurricane Katrina?

Anything along the south coast. Florida was hit pretty bad.

Where was the 1935 Labor Day hurricane?

It first hit the Florida Keys and destroyed most of the buildings in the Islamorada area.

What places did hurricane andrew hit?

it flew into a giant black dick and blew up.

What places did hurricane Allen hit?

Hurricane Allen hit the Carribean Islands and Mexico (at least i think it did) I'm not that sure most places i checked said that but if not sorry for wasting your time :Dx hope this helped :DDDDD xx

What places did hurricane igor hit?

Hurricane Igor hit Cape Verde, although there were no reports of damage or fatalites, as well as Bermuda where it caused 500,000 dollars in damage as well as Newfoundland.

Where Hurricane Andrew made landfall?

It made landfall in the Bahamas, Florida (where Hurricane Andrew was at it's peak intensity), and New Orleans. These places were hit the hardest. Other places were skimmed by the very outer wind bands of Hurricane Andrew.

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