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Can i move out of my parents house if i am pregnant and 17?


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i wouldn't even though im a dude u moght need der help


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If the parents give permission for her to do so. Otherwise, she is still a minor and the parents are responsible.

An unemancipated 17-year-old, even a pregnant one, is subject to the control and authority of their parents. So, the answer to your question is no.

you can move out at 17 but they are still legally responsible of you

Being pregnant does not change the law. She must be an adult at age 18.

No. Getting pregnant does not emancipate a minor or give them any adult rights. Turning 18 emancipates a minor.

Only with parental permission or being emancipated by the court.

As long as your parents say it is okay, it is legal. Otherwise you need to wait until you are 18 to move out of your parents' house.

Yes, you are legally able to move out of the house when you are 16 years of age.

No a 17 year old pregnant girl can not move out of her house and stay alone in the state of Indiana.

You can legally leave your parents house at 16.

No. You have to be 18 to move out from your parents house. At 18 you are an adult.

A 17 year old is still the responsibility of the parents. Being pregnant does not factor into the situation.

Your age is the determining factor--not that you are pregnant. Your parents will have the responsibility for you until you are of age. In addition, if the father of your child is older than you, he can be charged with rape. The better choice would be to bide your time until you are 18 and move out--you will not need to be pregnant to do so.

In some cases, a 17 year old can move out of their parents home. The minor will need to have a parents permission before moving out.

Even though you do not have the rights of an 18 year old. A person can move out of their parents house at the age of 17. Even if the parents call the police department, they can force you to return to your parents home. At 17 you can legally move out of your parents house and not have any legal repremands done to you.

No, they can't cause the state law is that if you are 17 you are an adult and there is nothing they can do about it.

The legal age to move out of your house with parental consent is 17

You can allow your daughter to move out of the house. It does not relieve you of your responsibilities for her welfare.

A minor under the age of 18 cannot move out of the house with her parents' permission. The child may file for emancipation in order to be able to move out.

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