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Can i start a new pack on the day i should start the sugar pill to avoid my period for this month only Will i have period problems in the upcoming months after doing this?

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2006-07-25 03:57:10

You can alter when you get your period by skipping the sugar

pills, however, studies show that the fewer periods you have may

contribute to cervical and ovarian cancer. There is a birth control

pill called Seasonale. It let's you take continuos pills for 3

months then take sugar pills to get your period. If you were born

between 1938 and 1971, check to see if you are a DES daughter

before altering your pills. DES daughters have a very high chancce

of reproductive cancers, some extremely rare, and not having a

monthly cycle will increase that risk. A DES daughter is a child

born to a mother who was given a very common drug called DES during

her pregnancy. Do it once or twice to fit in a vacation or

honeymoon, there shouldn't be a problem. Do it more then that and

you may increase your risks of cancer.

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