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You can alter when you get your period by skipping the sugar pills, however, studies show that the fewer periods you have may contribute to cervical and ovarian cancer. There is a Birth Control pill called Seasonale. It let's you take continuos pills for 3 months then take sugar pills to get your period. If you were born between 1938 and 1971, check to see if you are a DES daughter before altering your pills. DES daughters have a very high chancce of reproductive cancers, some extremely rare, and not having a monthly cycle will increase that risk. A DES daughter is a child born to a mother who was given a very common drug called DES during her pregnancy. Do it once or twice to fit in a vacation or honeymoon, there shouldn't be a problem. Do it more then that and you may increase your risks of cancer.

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If you were on your period for 4 months what should you do?

go to your doctor!

Is it normal for mares to go over 12 months before they foal?

No, it is not normal. You should probably talk to a vet, and the foal may have some health problems. The correct gestation period for a mare is 11 months.

Had a baby 11weeks ago when should you get your period is this normal not to have your period yet?

If you are breast feeding it can take months. My son was 10 months old when I got my period back.

When chihuahuas get there period?

You should watch out for that when they are 6 months and so on.

What are the Problems that a company should face by experiencing a period of severe financial difficulties?

what are the problems that a company experiencing a period of severe financial difficulties?

Is It normal to get a period for 3 months regular then miss a period you are not pregnant and you were on the shot back in July?

i have been on the depot shot for three months my period did not come the fourth month what should i do

Should you go to the doctor if you didnt have your period for two months?


When do you get your period after a miscarriage?

It should come back to normal within 2 months.

If you are on your period for 5 months what does that mean?

if ur on your period for 5 months that's probably not good. u could have an infection which causes the bleeding and u should see a doctor

Ive been on my period for 3 months is that normal?

No, it is not normal to have vaginal bleeding for 3 months. You should see your gynecologist.

What should you do if you haven't had a period in over four months?

See your Dr as you probably have PCOS

I haven't had my period in 6 months and i might habe a uti should i be worried about this?

or you can be pregnant.

Is it normal to not have your period for two months?

It can be but to avoid worry and complications you should have it checked out to be sure.

When is your period due after a miscarriage?

It should come back within 2 months from the miscarriage.

What if you never had your period for 3 months?

Ethier your most likely Pregnant or you should get that checked out

Is it possible to have your period through six months of pregnancy?

something that looks like a period bleeding after six months of pregnancy could be a mayor problem and medical assistance should be seeked inmediately

You are 18 and haven't gotten your period for months. is this normal?

You don't have to be of a certain age to experience problems with your period. It can happen whether it's your first period or not. It usually has to do with some hormonal abnormalities or psychological factors (stress etc). I'd sugggest you should arrange an appointment with your doctor. He will tell you for sure. If you are sexually active you may be pregnant. You should see you doctor.

Is it normal for your period to skip months?

It is possible for your period to skip a month or two, but if you skip more than 4 months or so, you might be pregnant or there is something wrong with your horomones, or you might just be stressed out about your period skipping months. If anything you should go see a doctor, he might help you.

How long should it take to get a period if you have been on the depot for six to nine months?

I was told by my OBGYN that it could take up to several months.

Why have I not been able to get pregnant. I was taking birth control for 2 months to stop my period for 5 months. I just got my period last month and have not gotten it this month.?

They say that if you've tried to get pregnant for a year and nothing has happened, then you should seek help. Why you haven't been able to get pregnant we can't say. you need to be examined by your doctor. Sounds like your hormones are acting up. The pill should not do that and if you ever have that again, no period for 5 months, you should go see your gyno. A period can be late but not skip months.

Is it normal for a teen to not get her period for over 7 months?

nope, i think you should c your doctor

What could cause a period lasting over two months?

you should go to your doctor or you have a problem!!!

What does it means when your period stays on for months?

That some thing is not right and that you should go and see a Doctor.

What should you do if you still havent got your period for almost 5 months from now?

See a doctor.

When you stop taking depo when should you get your period back?

my friend stopped takin depo 7 months ago and is still waiting for a period