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yep, but i heard it still should be lighter than your normal menstrual, if you truly expect pregnany get the bleeding checked out for possibility of a misscarraige


that's wrong that's just a period while pregnant. Implantation bleeding is a tiny bit of blood which will always stay light its nothing like a period and it doesn't follow a period pattern neither. Implantation bleeding is rare not every women gets it but also Implantation bleeding can look different for every girl who has it cause we all have different bodies. My implantation bleeding lasted 1 day which was string pink blood in my discharge.

Implantation bleeding can last 1-3 days it can be a spot of blood or blood in discharge its tiny bit of blood you can hardly notice it so I wouldn't say it gets heavy or nothing like a period I think people are getting it wrong and that's why people are thinking Implanation bleeding is just like a period WHEN ITS NOT.


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Don’t believe home girl up here lmao I had a β€œlight periodβ€œ since I have really heavy bleeding and it was implantation bleeding I had no idea I was pregnant either

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Q: Can implantation bleeding be heavy
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Can you bleed heavy and have bad cramps when you have implantation bleeding?

I'd say no. Implantation bleeding is scant to light. Heavy bleeding and cramping sound like a period to me.

Can you have heavy cramps with implantation bleeding?

They shouldn't be heavy cramps

When you have implantation bleeding can it be heavy with blood clots?


Does implantation bleeding is heavy or light?

it should be light bleeding.. (spotting)

Could it be implantation bleeding if it's bright red and very heavy with signs of clots?

No this is a normal heavy period. Implantation bleeding is usually light.

Can you have heavy implantation bleeding?

Considering the fact that every womens body is different, goes to show that yes, you can have a heavy implantation process. I had a heavy implantation to where I thought I was on my period.

How do you control bleeding caused by the implantation?

The bleeding caused by implantation shouldn't be heavy - it should only really be enough to wear a pantyliner for

Can implantation bleeding be almost as heavy as a regular period?

It shouldn't be

Can implantation bleeding be heavy like?

Yea it can. I experienced it and found out I was pregnant

How do you know whether its a implantation bleeding or normal period bleeding?

It is little bit confusing ...period bleed wil be heavy,implantation just makes spot ,

What does implantation bleeding mean?

What does implantation bleeding mean?

Your girlfriend had a brown and pinkish spotting one day before a heavy flow of bleeding menstruation Is it normal The bleeding for day one is quite heavy and then turn to moderate in day 2 and 3?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy until you need napkins? Btw the spotting of brownish blood contains clots, can implantation bleeding consists of clots?

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