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No this is a normal heavy period. Implantation bleeding is usually light.

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Q: Could it be implantation bleeding if it's bright red and very heavy with signs of clots?
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Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Can implantation bleeding be more than spotting?

Yes, it sure can be! Implantation bleeding varies from woman to woman, and someimes is heavier, and may even contain clots! Don't get discouraged if your implantation bleeding is bright red, heavy, and contains clots. And isn't the average "light pink or light brown" mumbo jumbo. Every woman is different!

Can you have clots when having implantation bleeding?

Anytime you have bleeding there's a potential for clotting.

Can a bright red 3 day period medium flow some small clots 8 days after ovulation be considered implantation bleeding?

Hello, Unlikely but its difficult to say. Implantation bleeding is usually pinkish discharge, spotting of blood for a few hours or brown bleeding for 3 days. Not a heavy flow red bleeding. Test in 2 weeks and if its positive, then you know its implantation bleeding.

Your girlfriend had a brown and pinkish spotting one day before a heavy flow of bleeding menstruation Is it normal The bleeding for day one is quite heavy and then turn to moderate in day 2 and 3?

Can implantation bleeding be heavy until you need napkins? Btw the spotting of brownish blood contains clots, can implantation bleeding consists of clots?

Do you have blood clots in implantation bleeding?

Blood clots can be implantation bleedingThere can be very tiny small clots. it's alright though no harm done. because i had that whenever i had implantation bleeding! AnswerI didn't but every girl is different Implantation can look different to any other girl who has it. Implantation bleeding is nothing like a period by the way.From the asker:Thanks alot, i was having trouble trying to find out what was happening to me. I had the brown discharge, nothing at all like blood, the cramps and it came down a few days before my period. I had unprotected sex a week before this happened and i was not sure if i was really going through implantation bleeding. I had all the signs, but the small clots freaked me OUT!!! Thanks alot for the answer, it was very useful.Ill take a test in 2 weeks to be sure

What is the color of blood after a miscarriage?

* The most common and clear symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding associated with or without pain. The blood color can range from brown to bright red and could be accompanied by cramps. Bleeding could be in the form of mild spotting, persistent bleeding, heavy bleeding and passage of large clots.

If i had implantation bleeding 2 weeks before my period then no bleeding until the 14th of April and now i have the same bleeding again just alittle heavier but no clots no pain you i turned 7 weeks o?

Yes you could be pregnant. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Answer by XxPinkPrincessxX Hi I got Implantation bleeding it can be red/pink/brown its nothing like a period 1 in 3 women get it. It can happen up2 3 days. I had Implantation bleeding mine was pink stringy blood in discharge that's all and 2 weeks later I got a period with no cramps it felt like i was not even on it was a really weird period.

Can a light period with big clots be implantation?

Big clots would concern me. But I did have tiny little clots with my pregnancy at first and things turned out fine.

Why would someone pass large blood clots without bleeding?

Large clots would mean that the bleeding had already occurred. If there is considerable distance to the outside of the body, such as from an ulcer or intestinal bleeding, then you would have just the clots by the time it makes it out of the body.

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and your period?

Implantation bleeding is only a few spots of blood, nothing like a period. There's no flow to Implantation bleeding and it just spots of blood which I've had mine was stringy pink blood in discharge. Implantation blood can be brown/pink/red . Days from 1-3 that's how long it can last for 1-3 days its nothing like a period 1 in 3 women get it. It can be stringy or thick. You can get a bit of a belly ache just for the day. Period has a flow a period starts light - heavy-light where as implantation bleeding stays light and periods have cramps it can also have clots as well . Hope I help from Pink Princess Your period will have a flow to it. It will come out whether you are going to the bathroom or not. I believe I am experiencing implantation bleeding at the moment. It is brown and sort of stringy, but I only get it or see it when I wipe. It doesn't just come out of me, only when I use the restroom and it doesn't happen everytime I go... like I don't need to have a tampon in or have a pad on. I miscarried last month and the bleeding was completely different than anything, implantation or period. Note to those pregnant and experiencing bleeding, please call your health care provider, it is very important. The bleeding I experienced from the miscarriage was heavy, very red and had lots of clots. Not a normal period... and the miscarriage bleeding (7 days) lasted longer than a normal period for me (5 days).

Is heavy bleeding and clots after Mirena removal the first period?

Removal of Mirena in itself does not cause heavy bleeding and clots. Such symptoms are likely your period.