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Hello, Unlikely but its difficult to say. Implantation bleeding is usually pinkish discharge, spotting of blood for a few hours or brown bleeding for 3 days. Not a heavy flow red bleeding. Test in 2 weeks and if its positive, then you know its implantation bleeding.

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Can implantation bleeding be bright red?


Is it normal to get blood clots during implantation bleeding?

No. Usually implantation bleeding is a bright red to brown drops of blood. No clots.

Could it be implantation bleeding if it's bright red and very heavy with signs of clots?

No this is a normal heavy period. Implantation bleeding is usually light.

What is old blood when it's mixed with discharge?

Old blood is usually darker brown in colour. Unlike fresh blood loss which is usually bright red in colour. old blood its either ovulation bleeding or Implantation bleeding

What does implantation bleeding look like You had unsafe sex well the condom broke. and then the nex day you had light blood and then the next day you have cramps and alot of blood when you wipe?

It all depends on where in your cycle you were when you had sex and started bleeding. The bleeding could just be from the sex itself, you may have gotten a scratch or tear inside that is bleeding, you could be starting your period early or you could be experiencing implantation bleeding. If it is implantation bleeding it may be bright pink or dark brown and only enough to be considered 'spotting' and not a period. If it is heavy bleeding it is not implantation bleeding. You can take a test in 1.5 to 2 weeks. Good Luck!

Could I still be preg if I had bright red blood 10 days past ovulation lasted only during morning urinating now just brown discharge on and off for a few days?

It is possible, it is called implantation bleeding. To be sure though take a pregnancy test. To read more about implantation bleeding I would go to...

Is implantation bleeding bright red?

no, it's a brownish pink, and does not look like normal period blood.

Started bleeding bright pink blood yesterday that was only visible on tissue but today it is dark reddish brown blood but my period isn't due for one and a half weeks is this implantation bleeding?

Very good possibility that it could be implantation, I would wait until after your period due date has passed and if you still have not started to take a pregnancy test. Normally implantation takes place 7 to 10 days after ovulation so if you've been tracking your ovulation days you might be able to go back and check further.

Can implantation bleeding be more than spotting?

Yes, it sure can be! Implantation bleeding varies from woman to woman, and someimes is heavier, and may even contain clots! Don't get discouraged if your implantation bleeding is bright red, heavy, and contains clots. And isn't the average "light pink or light brown" mumbo jumbo. Every woman is different!

Is bright red spotting after urinating for a day or two 9dpo a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, this could be implantation bleeding. It can also be coupled with cramping.

Is it implantation spotting or ovulating bleeding when it happened on the 13 th or 14 th day of a 28 day cycle?

Mid-cycle bleeding is not normal and you should see a doctor. I would like to correct the above statement. Mid-cycle bleeding is, in fact, fairly normal. Some women experience spotting during ovulation and it is considered a very positive sign of fertility. This spotting will be bright red and tinged with mucous. Implantation spotting generally occurs a week before up to the week of the missed period and is generally brownish in color. If you are worried about your cycle please consider seeing a midwife or if one is not available a doctor.

I had a pos qual hcg yesterday but I had 2-3 days of bright red bleeding that required a pad or tampon that started about 3 days after conception. spotting for 6 more days. nothing for 6days now.?

Yes. You should see a gynecologist. possibly. after ovulation the egg travels into the uterus and burrows into the lining of the uterus. for some women, implantation will cause slight bleeding or spotting called implantation bleeding. this is typically looks like pink or brownish discharge though. how many days after conception did you begin to bleed?

Is it implantation bleeding if your period started out brownish pink went to a medium flow of bright red for 2 days and went back to brownish pink on day 3 or 4 when normal flow is heavy days 2 and 3.?

Hi, The bleeding you experienced was too long for implantation bleeding. It sounds like a period. See your doctor incase you have a infection.

Is bright pink persistent spotting at 5 weeks 3 days implantation bleeding or signs of a miscarriage?

It is too late to be implantation spotting, that usually happens 6 days or so after ovulation (about 3 weeks pregnant). I wouldn't worry about it if it's only "spotting". However if you begin having cramping or the spotting gets heavier I would worry then. I hope you called your doc, just to set your mind at ease.

What causes bright red anal bleeding?

Hemorrhoids cause bright red anal bleeding.

Is vaginal discharge an early sign of pregnancy?

implantation bleeding is bright red usually and lasts 1-2 hours and saoks less than 1 pad good luck

How does implantation blood look?

It is normally bright red. I didn't have it with my first pregnancy (only 1 -3 women have it and normally there is not much the woman doesn't even know she had it) With my second pregnancy I had 2 tiny dots on the toilet paper. Normally you can test about 4 days after you see implantation bleeding.

Which type of bleeding is bright in color and rapidly spurts?

Arterial bleeding.

Can you be pregnant if your period comes on early?

You don't get your period (bright red, light, heavy, light) when you are pregnant. In early pregnancy you could have implantation bleeding around the time of your period (light pink/brown and spotting)

Could stress cause bleeding if you are three months pregnant and started bleeding yesterday and it lasted all day but you woke up this morning with no sign of blood?

Yes stress can, if you're pregnant try not to stress out because it is not good for you or the baby. Also, it could have been implantation bleeding. If it was bright red, you should call your doctor ASAP

Could it be a miscarriage if you have brown spotting and bright red bleeding and pink gooey bleeding?

Its very difficult to say. Any bleeding during pregnancy is usually referred to as a threatened miscarriage even though a miscarriage doesn't happen. Its only a medical term for it so dont be alarmed hun. But really you should see your doctor this week. You need this sorting and to find out if the baby is ok. But on a better note, what you described sounds like implantation bleeding due to its lightness and consistency so it may be left over blood from the implantation. Still see your doctor.

Can implantation bleeding be light then heavy?

Implantation bleeding can vary in every women! It can be light pinkish / brownish also be red or bright red, it has to be less then your normal period! Sometimes women get it heavy thinking they're not pregnant , but in some cases they are. Some lady's get a early "period". So It can vary in different people. After your bleeding 2 weeks later you should take the hpt (home pregnancy test) and see, if you get a negative then you probably arn't. Or go to your doctor and take a blood pregnancy test(: Good luck<3;

Which type of external bleeding is bright red in color and rapidly spurts out from the body?

Arterial Bleeding

Which type of external bleeding is bright red?


Can you have implantation bleeding at 5 weeks 4 days?

Yes, of course you can. As the embryo "burrows" in further you may get a little spotting in the early days. If it starts being bright red then contact your doctor but brown is old blood so nothing to worry about.