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No, the check engine light does not mean that your alternator is bad. My alternator went out in my cavalier and there were no warning signs until the car started to die on me. the gages, wiper blades(I was using them at the time) and radio were all acting funny-fading and turning on and off. Finally it quit and wouldn't turn over. Had to be towed to mechanic and they replaced alternator with a new one for about $280.00. You can get a rebuilt one, they cost less and it's even better if you know someone who can replace it for you.

2007-02-11 22:51:02
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Q: Can it be because of the alternator that your check engine light is on How much is it to change the alternator?
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Why does my engine cut out when I get to an intersection?

check the engine belt and the alternator belt

You put new alternator and volt regulator in 1987 f600 370 engine and volt meter says 12.8 with engine off and on?

Check fuseable link on alternator Check fuseable link on alternator

How do you fix thermo king alt code?

Change alternator or check alternator brushes

Engine staled while driving and the battery light came on then went off and then your check engine light is on would it be my alternator or battery that needs to be replaced?

your Alternator

How do you install a alternator on a Infiniti J30?

How to Change an Alternator: Video Series check related link below

What is wrong with a Lincoln Navigator when the engine and battery and abs lights are on?

I would check your alternator*(check the spelling).

How do you know if an alternator is bad?

Check voltage with a voltmeter at the battery With engine running readings should be 13.8-14.2 With engine running hold a screw driver to the back of the alternator, if there is no magnetic field, the alternator is bad.

How do you change alternator on a 305 engine?

The alternator in a Chevy Impala operates various electrical devices in the vehicle while the engine is running. A voltage regulator keeps the voltage level constant and is usually part of the alternator assembly. You may need to replace the alternator if your headlights become dimmer while driving, or your battery repeatedly runs down. Check the link for procedure,

Would the check engine light go on when the alternator is going bad?

It could.

What does the check gauges light mean on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron?

It means that one gauge is not in the safe zone. Check the engine temp, oil pressure, battery/alternator voltage,It means that one gauge is not in the safe zone. Check the engine temp, oil pressure, battery/alternator voltage,

How do you check a Briggs and stratton alternator?

check the battery with voltmeter without the engine running then check with it running if voltage is higher it is working

Will check engine soon light some on if there is a problem with the alternator?

It could.It could.

Which battery lead do you disconnect to check your alternator?

You don't. Disconnecting a battery cable to "check" the alternator is not a good idea. The removal of a cable with the engine running cuases a voltage spike that can damage the computer system on the car. The proper way to check the alternator is with a volt meter.

Does the 1994 Cherokee jeep sport have an alternator light on the inside panel?

When my jeep cherokee alternator went bad, the check engine light came on and I didnt have a clue what was going on until my volt guage was reading in the red zone. When I replaced my alternator, the light went off. So in my opinion i wouldnt consider the check engine light as a alternator light.

Reset check engine light on a 2001 Toyota tacoma after oil change?

The Check Engine Light has nothing to do with oil changes. It is on because there is a problem with the emissions system.

How do you reset the check engine light for oil change on a 2009 Camry?

The check engine light does not come on for an oil change.

How do you reset check engine light after an oil change on a Toyota?

The check engine light has nothing to due with an oil change.

Replaced battery and the battery warning stays on?

check the alternator. Use a digital multimeter and with engine running you should have 13-14 volts at the battery. If less than 12.5 Alternator is not charging Also check the amperage the alternator is putting out.

How do you know whether its your battery or your alternator?

Start the engine and using a digital volt meter check the voltage at the battery with the engine running. If the alternator is good you will read from 13.5 to 15.5 volts DC.

Why does start turns but will not turn engine on a 1999 Cadillac SLS?

Short answer, because somewhere on that engine block are the initials GM.Seriously, start with the easy and eliminate:check the battery for chargecheck the alternatorcheck the voltage regulator (not certain this model has one, but in case)check for the starter to be seized upcheck your ignition relay

Why does your 2003 Ford Escape have a miss in the engine?

Check your alternator, it will cause the engine to miss if it is not putting out enough voltage under a load.

Cause of check engine light 1981 corvette?

Causes for the check engine light to come on in a 1981 Chevy Corvette include overheating, low oil pressure, and a bad alternator. Because this car is not equipped with a computer, it has limited self diagnostic abilities.

I recently installed a new stereo system into my car now my car sounds like my battery is weak is it my battery that I have to change or my alternator?

Check the battery with a vom meter while the engine is running. It should read about 14.5 volts and if so the alternator is working, than have the battery checked Now if the meter does not read 14.5 volts, have the battery, and the alternator checked. If they both check out okay, the problem is in the battery or the alternator circuit on the vehicle.

Where is the engine number on a 13b engine?

Engine number is underneath the distributor on front housing on the rough casting. If that fails check underneath the alternator on front housing.

How do you change an alternator on a 1978 Honda gold wing?

It's the stator that has to be changed if it is not charging. Check to make sure. You have to take the engine out to do the job. Anywhere from 10 to 15 hour job.