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that happened to me and my attorney told me i should have read all the contracts better before i agreed * No, if the consumer signs documents without reading such or those which are not completely filled in, the law presumes the person did not take "reasonable care and concern" in the matter. The exceptions would be if a document was changed after the signing without the signer(s) being made aware of and agreeing to the action, and obviously if the person's signature was forged.

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Q: Can it be considered fraud if you cosign for a loan and are lied to about the amount and later find out the amount is for more than you agreed to?
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If you agreed to cosign for a car loan but did not actually sign the contract and your name is a forgery are you liable?

If you did not sign the document, and did not authorize anyone to sign for you, you should be able to get out of the contract. Someone, probably the person that asked you to co-sign, or the salesman for the vehicle, has committed fraud.

Is it illegal to change a written check amount even if you lower that amount instead of raise it without the writers knowledge?

Yes, it can be considered theft or check fraud.

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It will depend on the laws of the state and the amount of money involved in the fraud.

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In Oklahoma, insurance fraud is considered a felony offence. A person convicted of this crime may be sentenced to up to three years in prison and/or be fined twice the amount of the loss sum.

What considered fraud?

fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual.

Is Auto insurance fraud a misdemeanor?

Any type of insurance fraud is generally going to be considered a felony.

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What is considered fraud with medicaid?

Charging for services that were not provided.

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No. fraud, in the legal sense, is to deliberately mislead in order to benefit at another's expense.

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Less than 2% of welfare recipients commit fraud. A study in Massachusetts showed that vendors committed 93% of welfare fraud, thus only 7% of welfare fraud is committed by recipients.

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What are the Penalties for credit card fraud?

Not enough info - It depends on the amount of the fraud committed and the wording of the penalty portion of the statute as passed by your state legislature.

How often does voter fraud occur in US elections?

It happens in every election. The amount is so small and all serious fraud is caught and prosecuted.

Difference between check fraud felony and misdemeanor?

Is the amount the deciding factor?

If you get an email stating that you have won a large amount of money for a fee of a smaller amount of money where do you go to find out if it is a fraud or not?

It is a SCAM. DO NOT ANSWER IT !!!!!!!

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When would a misrepresentation on the insurance application be considered fraud?

If iti is intentional and material

How much does a person need to spend on a company credit card before its considered a crime?

If the person is not authorised to use the company credit card, anything they spend is fraud - no matter how much or how little the amount !

What is the penalty for using someone social security number to co sign for a car?

That may be considered fraud. Punishment varies, depending on the law where you are, and the amount, but can include more than a year in prison and a lage fine.

Something was purchased at the wrong advertising price what can that company do to regain the difference?

If a company completes a sale at an agreed price, but later realizes they agreed to an incorrect price, there is nothing they can do to recover the difference, as long as there has been no deliberate fraud or deception by the purchaser.