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No, the condition is not exercise induced although if the condition already exists exercise can make it feel worse. Please refer to this link:

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IS jumping on a trampoline healthy?

Jumping on a trampoline is great for you and is fun for kids and adults! Jumping on a trampoline is even 68% more efficient than running! ENJOY YOUR TRAMPOLINE IN YOUR BACKYARD OR ONE IN YOUR FRIEND'S YARD, MAKE YOUR FUN COME TO LIFE! ANSWER: Yes jumping on a trampoline is healthy for you and fun!

Does a trampoline help you lose weight?

Yes, while you are on a trampoline you are jumping. Jumping is a good workout.

Can you damage a trampoline by jumping on it when it is wet?

if there is snow or a large puddle on the trampoline do not jump on it. if it is only wet you and the trampoline will survive.

Two children are jumping next to each other on a trampoline How will destructive interference affect their jumping pattern?

They will be unable to jump as high as they can when on the trampoline.

What songs are good for jumping on the trampoline?

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

What muscles does trampoline jumping involve?


Do you lose weight jumping on a trampoline?


What if your back ribs hurt when you jump or run?

This happened to me once and it was a torn muscle that was affecting my ribs. The cause of it was trampoline jumping.

What is the energy conversion of jumping on a trampoline?

think yourself

How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline?


What is the World record for jumping on trampoline?

20 feet in the air

What energy is created into jumping off a trampoline?

Gravitational Potential

When is gravity useful?

when you are jumping on a trampoline you dont fly into space.

What is the world record for jumping rope on a trampoline?

Trent weeks

Can jumPing on trampoline stunt your growth?

No, Just do everything in moderation

What are the release dates for DEA - 1990 Jumping the Trampoline 1-4?

DEA - 1990 Jumping the Trampoline 1-4 was released on: USA: 28 September 1990

How can you burn calories using a trampoline?

jumping for more than 3 minuets. simply just jumping

Can you give a sentence that has the word jumping in it?

She was jumping really high in the trampoline with her friend that she fell and broke her leg.

What forces are used when you are jumping on a trampoline?

push, gravity and meany others

What part of mechanical energy does the girl is jumping on the trampoline?

Potential energy

How many calories do you burn jumping on a trampoline for 1 hour?

about 407.

How much calories jumping on the trampoline have?

I don't think trampolines have calories!

Is friction needed on a trampoline?

yes,because compared to a person jumping on an oil coverd trampoline to a person jumping on a dry tampoline with socks on,yes you do need friction or you'll slid right off.

How do you jump super high on a trampoline?

The most important thing about jumping high on a trampoline is momentum. Without momentum, the body will not go high. Be sure to jump like you are actually jumping on solid ground.

What are ways that human beings defy gravity here on Earth?

jumping on a trampoline. an airplane ride. swinging. bungee jumping

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