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Either in neighborhood view or house view, press 'Ctrl+Shift+c' and type 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true'. (no commas etc) Then press 'Shift' and click on the sim. Click around the new options until you find one that says 'Set Age'. set it to child or teen and ta dah!

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Yes, you can. When you're married, you have to be in a hot tub or relaxing in a two-person bed and click "Cuddle" and then "Try for Baby"It'll take you a few tries, but when it happens, it'll be in clip mode and show you that your baby is growing inside. You'll know if you're pregnant when the "Try for Baby" button dissapears.

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No. Only adult Sims can become pregnant in The Sims 2.

You can have teen Sim pregnancies in The Sims 2 through the use of mods and game hacks that are available for download throughout the internet. Use caution when installing mods and hacks into your game as some may be incompatible with your version of the game or with other mods or hacks that you have already installed.


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Actually sims kids can can get pregnant also but you have go through several steps.

Here is the link that goes to the site.!?cr=2

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Yes, you can get pregnant on the sims 2 pc. All you have to do is put the two adults relaxing on the bed and click try for a baby.

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Q: Can kids become pregnant in The Sims 2 for PC?
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Is there pregnantcy on Sims 3?

yes, you can become pregnant/ have kids on Sims 3. but that's on the PC I'm not sure about the rest of the Sims (ex. wii, ipods, iphones)

How can you get pregnant on sims 2 pets not PC?

You can't get your Sims pregnant on any console Sims games. It has to be on the PC game in order to get your Sims pregnant.

Can you get pregnant in Sims for the PS2?

No sorry, you can't get your Sims pregnant on Ps2. But you can get get them pregnant on Sims PC.

Can the teens get pregnant in Sims 2 for the PC?

Teens are not able to become pregnant on Sims 2, for PC, if you have not downloaded the Inteenimater file. If you would like to download the file try searching 'inteenimater' on the Internet.

What is sims games for PC's can you have kids?

well I have all the sim PC games and the one you can have kids on is Sims 3. I hope this helped

Do Sims 3 for PC get pregnant?


How do sims get pregnant on The Sims 2 PSP?

they cant. sims only get prego. on pc.

Can you have kids on the sims 3 for PC?

Yes you can.:)

Can you have an alienbaby on the Sims 2 for PlayStation 2?

no. sims only get pregnant on pc.

Can you have kids on sims 3 pets for PC?

Yes, you can have kids on the Sims 3 Pets. You can have kids on any of the expansion packs.

Can you get your sim pregnant on sims 1 for PC?


How do you get a pregnancy test on sims 3 pc?

You can't the sims will become pregnant on its own accord if you have made it try for a baby! a way to tell is if they've just had sex and afterwards a like quick tune comes on that means she will become pregnant in a few days but if you dont hear it then their not pregnant! :)