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Can komodo dragons be pets?


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October 24, 2011 12:09AM

No, and there are many reasons for this:

1. Firstly, they are a protected species, so it would be illegal to keep one.

2. They are endangered, have a restricted habitat, and only live on a few islands in Indonesia.

3. They are the world's largest lizard and are extremely powerful. They have large claws and sharp teeth and it would take quite a few people to handle one. Komodo dragons do not usually attack people, preferring other game such as deer. But there are documented cases of them stalking and killing human beings.

4. Since they do feed on carrion (dead animals) their mouths are filled with toxic bacteria. Infections by these organisms would be a serious factor in treating a bite wound.

5. The main danger of a Komodo dragon's bite, however, is due not to bacteria that live on its teeth, but to venom. Recent research has discovered that the bite of the Komodo dragon delivers a powerful poison which actually thins the blood, increasing blood flow and creating a state of shock in the victim. The sharp, serrated teeth of a komodo dragon are used to open a gaping wound in its prey, enabling the venom to flow easily.

6. During mating season they become extra aggressive, and there is no cage that could keep one in during the mating season.