Can losing weight make your breasts smaller?

Probably. Breasts are mostly fat tissue, and having excess body fat can affect breast size.

if you REALLY want to lose them (and i don't see a good reason why to unless you have back problems) then just do pushups and when you grow up some more bench, so you just get regular pectorials and not just breasts. sharper image, i believe, even sells a separate exercise machine named "the love handler" which gets rid of love handles, or breasts. good luck with that!


yes... a female's chest and face are usually the first place we lose weight


Yes they can get smaller from losing weight.


it all depends on what your body type it. there is a pear and apple body type . if pears loose weight , then they are most likey going to get smaller. If you was are a apple and loose weight (like me) then no.