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Probably. Breasts are mostly fat tissue, and having excess body fat can affect breast size.

if you REALLY want to lose them (and i don't see a good reason why to unless you have back problems) then just do pushups and when you grow up some more bench, so you just get regular pectorials and not just breasts. sharper image, i believe, even sells a separate exercise machine named "the love handler" which gets rid of love handles, or breasts. good luck with that!

Answeryes... a female's chest and face are usually the first place we lose weight AnswerYes they can get smaller from losing weight.


it all depends on what your body type it. there is a pear and apple body type . if Pears loose weight , then they are most likey going to get smaller. If you was are a apple and loose weight (like me) then no.

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What foods can make your breasts smaller?

Nothing specifically as such. However, losing weight may make them smaller because breasts are largely made of fatty tissue.

Do crunches make your breasts smaller?

No. However, since breasts are made up primarily of fat, losing weight will make them smaller. Lately I have been doing a lot of crunches,and my boobs have gotten smaller. Try doing situps instead!

How do you make your breasts smaller?

lose weight

Will green tea make your breasts smaller?

Green tea will only make your breasts smaller if drinking it instead of eating makes you lose weight.

How can you make your breasts smaller?

sugery-----there are minimizer bras that can help though try sears

Will hulla hoopin make your breasts smaller?

No. There is only one way to make them smaller and that is surgery. If you are overweight they might get smaller if you loose weight.

Can exercises make your breasts smaller?

No they do not make your breasts smaller or larger.

Does pushing down on the breast tissue make the breast smaller?

No. It can temporarily make breasts appear smaller, but there is no way to decrease the size of breasts except weight loss or surgery.

Can you make your breasts smaller without surgery?

The only way you will get smaller breasts is by doinf cardiovascular (aerobic) exercise andlosing weight generally. the breasts are composed mainluy of fat, so losing weight means you will lose fat off your breasts. Unfortunately you cannot turn big 36DD to perky 34C. Only by losing weight generally as they are mostly composed of fat. Unfortunately they then lose firmness too. A 'minimiser' bra can help. If they are extremely large and causing mental and/or physical distress you may find that insurance covers a reduction. not that i have ever heard of!

Can the treadmill make your breast bigger?

Not really. In some cases as you lose weight your breasts can appear larger but in other cases losing weight and removing the underlying fatty tissue can make your breasts look smaller. Don't forget to wear a properly fitted sports bra. If the breasts are not supported properly the repetitive bouncing from running can stretch the ligaments permanently causing the breasts to sag.

Does running make your breasts smaller?

any type of exercise will have a result of loosing weight throughout your body which does include your breasts.

What things should you eat to make your breasts smaller?

Hello. There is nothing you can eat that will reduce your breast size. Losing weight and upper body exercises may help to reduce breast size but not significantly.

How can you make your breasts smaller by exercising?

Well, doing enough of any exercise will make you lose weight... which means you lose the weight in your breasts which could make them smaller. They may not be noticably smaller. It really depends on if you need to lose weight or if you're already in shape. Changing your diet can help too. There is no excercise that will make one part of your body smaller. If you're really concerned, talk to your doctor about breast reduction

How can you make your breasts smaller if you have lost weight but haven't lost any from your breasts?

Without surgery the only solution is to wear a good tight bra.

How do you make your breasts smaller naturally without surgery or pills?

when you lose weight your breast decrease in size

What kind of exercises make breasts smaller?

You can't make your breasts smaller with anything but a deduction surgery. Sorry.

Can you make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them?

Lol, No you can not make your breasts smaller by putting lotion on them. :P But, You can get a breast reduction. :]

What fitness exercises help breasts grow or get bigger?

Physical fitness routines will not enhance breast size. You can do pectoral muscle exercises and increase the muscle tone, which will make the breasts perkier, though. No, you will not obtain larger breasts by exercising. You will, however, lose breast tissue through fat burning, so if anything it would make them smaller. There is no exercise to make breasts bigger! Breats are mostly fat! Gain weight and your breasts will get bigger, loose weight and they will get smaller.

Does exercise make your breasts smaller?

No, it makes'em better and sexier.. Good Luck! Yes, your boobs are fat so if you exersise and try to loose weight it can possibley make them smaller.

Will vomiting make your breasts smaller?


If a girl sleeps on her breast will it make them smaller?

No. Sleeping on your breasts will not make them smaller.

How do you make breasts smaller?

Breast size is a genetic trait that cannot be helped much. However, excess body fat can make your breasts slightly larger than they would be if you were at a healthy weight (although you will have excess body fat throughout your body not just your breasts), if this is the case regular exercise and a healthy diet can make your breasts a bit smaller as well as the rest of you.

Does sleeping or laying on your breasts make them smaller?

No i am pretty shore it docent make them smaller.

Does pressing make your breast sag?

pressing does make your breasts sag, yes, but so does having kids, gaining and losing weight, bad breast implants, and not wairing a bra.

Does playing sports make a women's breasts smaller?


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