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Q: Can magnets improve circulation why or why not?
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What are some tips to improve circulation?

Some ways to improve circulation is to stay healthy

What are the two types of blood circulation in humans?

If I circulation in humans is no how can one improve it

In what position should a patient in shock be placed to improve the circulation of the blood?

Place the patient on his or her back, with legs elevated, which will improve blood circulation.

How do you improve your blood circulation?

not sure

How can electric massagers be used to improve the your body's circulation?

Electric massagers work to improve your body's circulation by stimulating blood flow the the areas being massaged. Increased blood flow means increased circulation.

Physical activity can improve what?

Physical activities can improve the blood circulation in a human body.

What will improve in your cardiovascular system if you exercise?


What is the function of the circulation section in the library?

to improve

How can I improve circulation in my hands and feet?

Exercise is the best things for increasing the circulation in our hands or feet. Otherwise, we can choose some foods in our daily food chart for having a better circulation. More drinking water also could improve it.

What can you do to improve human aging skin?

Hot yoga! It'll improve your circulation and keep your skin glowing.

How do you improve a victim's circulation?

If it is seriously compromised, then chest compression will help.

What is the most effective treatment for varicose vein that are due to pregnancy?

Varicose Veins can be treated by using circulation enhancing socks, and magnets designed to improve blood flow. Also moving around, and not restricting blood flow area aslo simple tips to try and prevent veins and clots.

How do you improve circulation?

There are many natural ways to help increase your circulation such as: eating healthy, exercising and using therapeutic mud's (such as moor mud as an example).

What are the causes of poor circulation?

Common causes of poor circulation are age, diet, smoking, diabetes, and being sedentary living. Simple changes in diet and activities can help improve circulation and overall health.

Can a person improve their circulation through exercise?

Absolutely!!! Exercise is key to having a healthy heart which in turn keeps your circulation moving. By exercising even a little will help your circulation move throughout your body.

How to cure to treat premature ejeculation?

Yaah you can by yoga ''pashchimotpadasan'' will improve ur circulation in scortal.nd semen formation also will be improve.

What is the function from physical education to the hearth?

it keeps your body healthy and your blood circulation will improve

How do you improve circulation during heart attack?

Call 911, rest and take nitro or aspirin.

How can improve blood circulation when poor blood circulation occurs?

Eat spicy foods There are many natural ways to help increase your circulation such as: eating healthy, exercising and using therapeutic mud's (such as moor mud as an example).

When a victim is in shock place them on their what to improve the circulation of the blood?

you have to cut off thier genitals and make them eat them

How do you keep the cardiovascular system healthy?

Basically, repetitious exercises that works the heart, lungs and body muscles, so as to improve general health and improve stamina and blood circulation.

Does clapping improve circulation?

i would say yes, as it moving muscles and parts of your body, not just your hands or arms.

How can diet and exercise plans change an elderly person?

They can: 1) Improve circulation 2) Improve digestion 3) Improve well-being 4) Increase his/her strength and mobility

How can scalp massage help with hair condition improved circulation and muscle tone?

scalp massage doesn't improve muscle tone of the scalp but it does increases the circulation of blood in the scalp, therefor improving hair condition.

A shock victim should be placed how to improve circulation?

Lying supine with feet slightly raised 6-12 inches.