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No, he shouldn't be able to if she is legally married. If she was underage at the time of marriage and the custodial parent signed off on the marriage and that should have been the end of parental custody.

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Q: Can my wifes biological father regain custody over her after the marriage?
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Can biological mother who has lost custody of her child regain custody in North Dakota?

Depends on the circumstances, to the father, to the state, and was her parent rights suspended?

Can biological mother who has lost custody of her child regain custody in Texas?

lost the child to whom?

Can a biological felone regain custody of there children?

All possibilities exist.

Can a father regain custody of a child in Maine?

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If you had gave custody of your daughter to your parents now you seeking custody back do her father regain his custody also?

yes he should do

Could a biological mom regain custody of a child if the adoptive mom let her llive with her biological mom for 3 years?


Can biological mother who has lost custody of her child regain custody?

ANSWER: In Alabama, it is possible to regain custody of your child by filing a petition for custody modification; however you must show not only that it would be in the best interest of the child but that a material change in circumstances has taken place.

Can a biological father in prison regain custody of child that was giving up to cps and then adopted?

It is not very likely. The child is now legally the child of the adopting parents. Giving up the rights makes it difficult to get them back.

Could a biological mother regain custody before her child is officially adopted?

Yes, this is possible if the child hasn't been adopted. or the mother could destroy everything the child has known and regain custody after they are adopted. This would be a very wrong act and it is not recommended.

You are a father who has custody of your two small girls you are not married to your fiance yet but your ex wife is getting married is trying to regain custody of your children What are her chances on?

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How can you regain primary custody after signing it over to father?

If you're in the US, you would have to petition the court for a change of custody. Rather the court would grant your petition or not, would depend on many factors.

What does a biological mother do to regain custody of a child after consenting to an adoption to the maternal grandparents?

Unless you can show that your consent was given under duress or fraudulently, then you're probably going to have to talk to the current adoptive parents and convince them to work with you to regain custody. You can consult a lawyer with experience in these matters and give them all relevant details for a better answer that is more specific to your situation.

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