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The Mystery Snail will crawl out of The tank and bite you, so get some gloves or something so it does not get slime on you.

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Q: Can mystery snail get out of tank?
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How come the Mystery snail is on the side of the tank?

their haveing babys

Can you put a mystery snail in tank with fighting fish?

Yes, that would be KICK-ASS! They would breed and make mystery fighting snails...

Is it ok to clean a fish tank when mystery snail eggs are present?

Well it depends if you want them in there or not. It's your choice.

What eats an ivory mystery snail?

A black bear eats an ivory mystery snail.

What does an apple snail need to stay alive?

apple snails are like the same as a mystery snail and mystery snails need calcium drops added to the tank and algae and veggies of live food and a heater set at the tropical zone range

What kind of bottom feeder could you put in with guppies in a ten gallon tank?

Most suckerfish get too big, but an apple snail (same as a mystery snail) or some ramshore snails are awesome.

What snail is best for your fish tank?

the snail the is best for your fish tank is the slowest snail that you can find in the store...the best snail i have had is the cuadrocnam snail so when you go to the store you say "I want is Cuadrocnam snail please!"

Can the blue mystery snail lay unfertile eggs?

I have raised blue mystery snails for a few years and I have never seen one lay eggs when they were the only snail in the tank. I have seen egg clutches that didn't hatch, but I attribute that to an issue of the environment and not the fertility of the eggs.

What kinds of fish can goldfish be in the same tank with?

Besides other goldfish (if you have a big enough tank), you can consider a weather (dojo) loach, a bristlenose pleco, or even an apple or mystery snail

How do you know when a mystery snail is dead?

If a mystery snail has not moved for more then 3 days, it is likely to be dead. If you do not see it move, this does not mead it is dead. Some snails ony come out at night. If you do not see a snail move, but it is in a different place everyday, it is fine. If it has not moved at all in 3 or more days, it is likely that it is not alive as it will be starving or starved to death. You can try taking a snail out of the tank and keeping it in a separate bucket with some food. This will also help to not polute the tank. If the bucket starts smelling really bad, then it is definitely dead.

How do I make my apple snail stop reproducing even though it's the only large snail in the tank?

Snails cannot be made to stop reproducing. If you want the snail to stop reproducing in your tank, then remove it from the tank.

Does a mystery snail eat bamboo leaves?


Do you have to clean the tank if you have a snail in it?

Yes or the snail will take in to muck backteria and die :)

Can the tank be cleaned with snail eggs in it?


Today i found some sort of snail in my fish tank i have five guppies in my tank how did i get a snail in my fish tank?

Baby snails are almost transparent as are snail eggs. They can be brought in on plants or even in the water that you have brought fish home in.

What are facts about a sea snail this is a sea snail?

all i know is that i have a snail and there are little swirly things on the sides of the tank.

How do you tell if a mystery snail is male or female?

You can't because a snail is both male and female.

Is a blue mystery snail asexual?

No, mystery snails (Pomacea bridgesii) are not asexual. This species of snail has male and females that cannot reproduce offspring without a mate.

Is a snail an insect or something els?

Well I'm not sure about land snails but my Underwater Snail(Mystery Snail) is a Crustacean like Crabs.

Can you put a land snail in your fish tank?

no the snail will most likely sufficate and die:(

How do you stop goldfish from eating snail eggs?

Remove the snail eggs from the tank. Duhhh.(:

What makes a snail float in the tank?


What if you don't have a good tank for your snail?

Get one.

What do snail eat in a fish tank?


Can a snail live in a tank with no air bubbles?