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It's possible - anything 'out of the ordinary' could be as a result of being pregnant - as the hormones in your body are preparing you for nurturing a developing embryo.


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sleep on your right side or your back

by having a nice warm wank

Pregnant woman should get good sleep. She should normally get 8 hours sleep in night. She should get 2 hours sleep in afternoon. This helps to conserve calories, apart of other advantages of the sleep.

Don't think you are pregnant, but having a sore lump on your breast does not sound good, you need to consult a doctor.

well lets get one thing clear,..... are you pregnant? if you are, it might be a good chance that you might be having a baby girl

* True to the heart. But you can say you've had sex? * I wouldn't think there would be any good thing for a teen being pregnant.

because the quality of your sleep will increse

you don't get your period if you're get it if you aren't. so you're good.

Sleep, food, water, mind puzzles, friends, not being angry, sleep, fun

It is not good to take ambian which is a sleep medication while you are pregnant because it would effect the growth of the baby.

That is a good question? a heamaphrodite is a women who has a man's gentacles but however can get pregnant if having a sex change

Dreaming about being pregnant is neither good nor bad, it simply happens. In fact, dreams of being pregnant are quite common, particularly among adolescent girls. But anyone, including men, can dream of being pregnant when they are "developing" something that is important. The webpage linked below has examples and discussion of various types of pregnancy dreams.

1.Benifits are that you and your hubby will get closer together. There are also chances of children!!!! 2.When you have it you usually are in bed. The closer and closer you get you are more likely to become pregnant and have children. One of the symptoms of being pregnant is being sick/throwing up after having it. Hint: Google "How to become pregnant". They have lots of tips and good positions for getting pregnant. It also says to have more posibilites of getting pregnant have IT daily. More hubba hubba for you.

is she okay with being pregnant is so yes if not then its probably not a good idea

in some way yes! being nice is having good manners. so the answer for is being nice a good thing is : yes

you can gain energy by absorbing sunlight or having an energy drink, having a good nights sleep, going to bed early.

Lol it is good to sleep with it. I sleep with it everyday.

having sex without condom,and let the guy come inna you

The key is the missed period and the self-diagnosis of "indigestion." you don't know if it's indigestion until you see a doctor. Wanting to sleep all the time is probably more a symptom of depression bought about by worry that you might be pregnant than of actually being pregnant. You can miss a period and not be pregnant, although it is not a really good sign for optimism in my book. I advise you to get a home pregnancy kit from the supermarket and (if you don't want to take it home) take it in the store bathroom. Pregnant or not pregnant, you will probably want to see a Dr about the "indigestion."

Sleep and a good diet and some exercise everything else is based upon having good genetics.

Epilepsy has a wide range of causes, with different people having different triggers for their epilepsy. For some tiredness would be a problem and as a general rule for good health, people should get good sleep.

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