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One dose should not harm the child but regular doses will. Do not take medication that is not safe to do so during pegnancy.

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Q: Can one dose of benzodiazepines cause birth defects in unborn fetuses?
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How long does crack stay in an unborn fetuses system?

About 3 months an pray their be no birth defect

What is a growing baby called from the third month until birth?

Unborn babies are called fetuses.

A group of birth defects caused by the effects of alcohol on an unborn child?

fetal alcohol syndrome

How will using cocaine affect your unborn child?

It could cause birth defects to the baby, or even a stillbirth.

How long does marijuana stay in a unborn child?

long enough 2 give them brain damage and birth defects

What does tuna do to the unborn fetus while pregnant?

Tuna contains high levers of mercury that can cause birth defects.

Which of these statements is trueTeratogens were developed by scientists to aid in producing healthy fetuses?

Teratogens can cause birth defects.

Does weed harm the unborn child?

While there are no conclusive studies done on the subject, it is conjectured that marijuana used during pregnancy may cause chemical addiction, low birth weight, neurological damage, and/or birth defects in fetuses and infants. Most sates in the USA require drug tests of new born infants shortly after birth and some require drug tests of pregnant mothers.

What does carbon dioxide do to a unborn baby?

It starves the developing embryo of oxygen - leading to such things as birth defects or behavioural development once the child is born.

Did Jesus have any birth defects?

No he did not have any birth defects.

What effect does alcohol have on birth or birth defects?

Brain defects

Can gonorrhea cause birth defects?

Gonorrhea does not cause birth defects.

Can narcotics cause birth defects?

Yes they can cause birth defects.

What is a triple screen?

a blood test offered to pregnant women during the 16th-18th week of pregnancy to help identify if the unborn baby is at risk for birth defects.

What are the various birth defects?

There are thousands of identified birth defects. Birth defects are abnormal developments present at birth that can cause physical or mental disability. Some, but not all are fatal.

Do STDs cause birth defects?

Some STDs do cause birth defects and complications.

Is marijuana bad for a unborn baby?

yes it is it causes the baby birth defects and brain damage to the baby...... so be smart don't do drugs while being pregnant trust me

For the unborn children of mothers who smoke heavily nicotine is an?

Smoking or using nicotine gum or patches while pregnant, especially during the first trimester, can cause birth defects.

What are the effects of drugs on the unborn child?

A unborn child can be affected by drugs in many ways. They can be born with congenital heart defects, the can have intrauterine growth restriction which can lead to premature birth. Newborns that have been exposed to cocaine will show signs of behavior irritalility and have poor sucking patterns. The will be hyperactive and poor coordination. There are many other birth defects that can occur with the use of drugs whether legal (prescribed) or illegal (cocaine or alcohol).

Do the zika virus kill kids if they get it?

Even young children who contract the Zika virus usually do not get extremely sick if they were otherwise healthy when they got it. The biggest risk is to developing fetuses where it can cause severe birth defects.

Does syphilis cause birth defects?

Syphilis bacteria can cause birth defects and death to the baby.

Is an agent that can cause birth defects known as amniocentesis?

No; a teratogen is an agent that can cause birth defects.

Can a male sperm cause birth defects?

why do you wanna know if it's just the male's that cause birth defects? Birth defects i think occur at random, boy or girl

Which is more prone to birth defects?

more prone in to birth defects is the male because there are many male child that has a birth defects example roy p pilapil has a birth defect and also ashley vinas

Can an unborn baby get chlamydia?

Unborn babies won't catch chlamydia.During birth, chlamydia can be passed on to an unborn child.Chlamydia can be transmitted to a baby during birth, not before.