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yes as long it is two different people

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2011-09-12 15:46:29
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Q: Can one household collect two unemployment checks?
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Can you collect unemployment while on strike?

No, you can not collect unemployment while on strike. One of the requirements to be able to obtain unemployment is that you are unemployed through no fault of your own.

Can one collect unemployment if the company rescinds the offer?

Can one collect unemployment compensation if a company offers a job and on the first day rescinds the offer?

How can one collect unemployment?

You file with the unemployment department in your state. You maybe able to do it online.

How long do you have to work to collect unemployment is ks?

Unemployment is available to many people who have lost a job and cannot find a job. In Kansas a person has to work for one year before they can collect unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment if you were fired for being in jail?

In most situations you cannot collect unemployment for termination due to incarceration. In the state of Michigan for instance, this is the one reason you can never collect unemployment. You may, however be able to collect if the charges against you are dropped, or you are acquitted of the crimes for which you are charged.

How does one collect unemployment from the government?

Go to the unemployment office and find out. You have to have been working for at least 6 months in order to qualify for unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment if you were fired for an outside shoplifting charge?

I worked at a retail job for one year. I was fired for a shoplifting charge that had nothing to do with my place of employment. Can I collect unemployment

How can one get checks for unemployment in the US?

Initially, to receive benefits from unemployment you must apply and qualify for the benefits. Provided you qualify the checks will be sent to you, or you could arrange to have them directly deposited into your account.

Can a person collect unemployment for a week?

Depending on the state, yes. One may collect unemployment from the day they filed until the day they find a job. Unemployment, if approved, is paid from the day you filed for unemployment, regardless of when you were laid off or let go.

Can you collect unemployment if you go abroad for one month?

No, you aren't unemployed. Unemployment is for people without a job and who are looking for a job.

What is the maximum amount of time to collect unemployment benefits in Virginia?

one year

Can you collect unemployment is you lost one job but still have one?

Usually you can collect if your income is under a certain amount. However, this varies by state.

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