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Sometimes, but the an adult child has their own life now, right? The parents aren't really responsible. They probaly did there best to grow their disabled child as best they could.

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2011-05-14 03:11:58
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Q: Can parents be responsible in case of accident for dsiabled adult child with own car and insurance?
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Are parets responsible for child under 18 if they have theri own insurance aned have a accident?

The parents are responsible for their child until legal age.

If a car is titled to an 18- year old but she is under her parents insurance policy whose responsible if she gets in an accident?

She is.

Can an 18-year-old covered under his parents' insurance policy be sued for an accident if his parents allowed the policy to lapse without his knowledge but he had given them his monthly payment?

Yes, the person is an adult and if the accident was his fault is responsible regardless of the status of the insurance coverage.

Who is responsible if a teenager causes an accident in vehicle?


Do you have to live with your parents in order to use their insurance coverage in an accident i had an accident with rental car my parents insurance would cover?

You don't have to live there as long as you are listed on the policy.

What happens to you when you're driving your parents' car and you're involved in an accident and it's your fault and you're not under your parents' insurance?

The insurer (either your mother/father or both) are responsible for all costs.

In an accident who is liable the 18 yr old driver or the parents who own the car and insurance policy?

parents if the insurance is under their names

If a 16 year old lives apart from parent and has a car and insurance in her name can parents be liable?

No, any violation or accident claims are sole responsible to a person who holds the title and insurance under their name. asian623

Your sister got into an accident with your car and you don't have insurance she is listed under the parents insurance who pays?

Parent's policy pays

Do you have to live with your parents in order to use their insurance coverage in an accident?

You do not have to live with them as long as you are listed on the policy.

What if your in an accident and your friend wont give you her insurance information?

You need to involve parents or a lawyer, as appropriate.

What happens if I get in an accident and only have your permit?

If you are in your parents vehicle and you are on their auto insurance policy, you would be covered.

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