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Sure, but what remedies the parents have upon non-payment are legally limited. Too bad.

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How do you get your children to move out of the house?

Charge your children rent.

Is it illegal to charge rent to minors in CA?

Unless they are emancipated, I am assuming it is illegal for a minor to rent!

Can a parent charge their teen rent?

Starting on their 18th birthday, technically yes. Parents are responsible for providing for their children until the age of majority (whether they like it or not). As soon as they reach the age of majority (usually 18), the parents can charge them rent, kick them out of the house, or whatever... all perfectly legal (if a tad cold-hearted).

What is the legal age a minor can leave a parents home?

18 when they become an adult. A minor can not rent an apartment nor sign contracts.

Is it legal for parents to for their child to pay rent if they are still a minor?

As long as the child is a minor it's the parents duty to pay for the expenses. If the child is emancipated it has to pay for itself. If the child wanted to move out of the family home and the parents gave permission they have the right to expect rent if the place belong to them. There's always the option of moving back home where no rent is expected.

What is the most parents can charge for rent legally?

Nothing! The Law requires your parents to provide you with suitable shelter and food.

What can be done if someone rents to a minor that's not been emancipated and doesn't have parents permission?

First of all, a 'minor' is not legally capable of making valid legal contracts for 'rent' or anything else. Secondly it is POSSIBLE you might be become involved in a charge of "Harboring a Runaway."

Would a minor child have to pay rent to his parents?

Parents are legally obligated to support their minor children. Most minors have no source of income with which to pay rent anyway, so such demands would be impossible. If a particular child happens to be a wealthy child actor, and the parents would like to receive rent, that would be possible, although even then it would seem silly. No it's not legal. But I wonder if you actually have a rent agreement with your parents or if you are working and they want you to pay rent when in fact they are saving the money to give to you later and this is a lesson in personal finances and for you to get used to living on a budget. My parents did that to me and I was the only one who was not shocked when I moved out how little money I had left. All my friends were complaining but they were not used ot it as I was. I also had a nice nest egg to buy furniture for.

What age can parents charge children rent in new york state?

Before they are 18 and are still in high school, you would provide housing. After that, it is up to you to set the standards for payment and participation in the household.

Can an executor make surviving children of the estate pay rent if they are living on the estate?

Yes, they have the ability to charge rent. It is their responsibility to maintain the assets of the estate.

What is the legal age for a minor to move out of their parents home in the state of Missouri?

18 when you become an adult. Below the age of 18 a minor can't sign a contract or rent an apartment.

Can parents make their kids pay rent even though they are still going to highschool?

If the kids are earning money, the parents can do so. As long as the child is a minor, their earnings actually belong to the parents..

Can parents charge their kids rent?

Their adult child, yes. If you are not in school and working there are no reasons why you should live for free.

Can a landlord rent to a minor?


In the State of New York can a parent make their 17-year-old pay rent if they are claiming the minor child on their taxes?

ANSWERS: Yes. If you are working there is no reason you shouldn't pay rent just because they are your parents. No more free rides! Your parents are making you responsible and if you left home, worked and even went to school you would still have to pay rent. They are not doing anything illegal, but making you take responsibility before you go out into the world. Some parents realize that their children will squander the money, charge them rent and put that money into an account for their child(ren.) If your family is having tough times you should be more than willing to contribute some rent to help out. Food alone is very expensive. Marcy *I think it is totally ridiculous to expect a "CHILD" to pay their parent rent while they are still attending high school. What exactly is the job of a parent? One would think it is to provide the basic necessities of the child, that would include food, clothing and shelter. What kind of parent are you if you expect your kid to pay for things that many would think under the law you are obligated to provide. If a child moves out and requires assistance from the state you are required to pay the state support for that child until they reach 21 years old so how can it be that a child under that age would be expected to pay a parent rent? *They may be able to charge the rent from the child, which is ridiculous, but by law it is considered income to the parents and they would legally have to claim the rent as income on their tax returns. *In many states the parents of a minor are entitled to ALL wages the child earns. You are lucky they let you keep any of it. *Parents are responsible for the support of their children until they are adults or emancipated. If the parents really want the money, the employer in many states is required to send the paycheck to the parents if they request it.

Is it legal to charge a 14 year old rent in a relatives house?

It will depend on the specific situation. The parents are responsible for the child's welfare.

How does a minor rent an apartment?

with a co signer

How old do you have to be to rent an apartment in California?

yes at the age of 16 you r able take charge for your life you can take parents co-signer for the apartment

What are the release dates for Judge Karen - 2008 A Minor Rent Problem?

Judge Karen - 2008 A Minor Rent Problem was released on: USA: 23 September 2010

In South Dakota if a child is under 18 and getting child support can the custodial parent charge them rent?

if a child is not working can a parent charge them rent

Can a minor enter a contract to rent an apartment?

Yes, but it is not enforceable.

Can an emancipated minor rent an apartment?

{| |- | Yes, they can rent an apartment. That is the entire purpose of emancipation. It allows the minor to legally sign a contract. They should be ready to show their court order of emancipation. |}

When you buy your sons house do you have to charge him rent to live there?

That's entirely up to you. If you're buying it as a gift, then probably not. However, it's always reasonable to charge rent to a tenant, even if you're related to the person in question. You do not have to charge your son rent. But in the case that you bought the house you have the right to charge him for any space that he is occupying.

How much rent should children over 18 pay their parents?

That's strictly between the parents and the children. There's no rule that says they should pay rent. Factors might include whether the child is in school or working full time or part time, how much he or she earns, what the child does to contribute to the household in other ways, and whether the family needs the money.

Can a parent charge a 15-16 year old house rent?

if he has a job then the parent should charge rent at the age of 18I don't think legally the child has to pay him but if he's not 18 then it doesn't matter because legally the child doesn't own that money anyways the parents do so if you want to call it rent its really (legally) the parents money anyways so anything the kid did get leftover is actually a bonus... but that doesn't mean the parent isn't a total D*ck face for being like that.