Can people with RSD CRPS practice Tai Chi?

I have had CRPS/RSD on my left side since 2001. Four years ago I started Tai Chi. I have a pain level at 2 or 3 after class versus 6 or so when I start. The relief lasts for 12 or so hours along with a massive change for the better in my energy level. It is very hard at first to learn and to get the body going. When I started I could lift my foot off the ground about 3 inches with lots of wobbling. I fell frequently due to weakness on the left. My kicks are now at about 50 inches from the ground with good control. I no longer fall due to better strength and balance. I no longer feel handicapped. If the pain starts at night and keeps me up there are a few 5 min moves that I do and I am back in bed and asleep in 10 to 15 min versus the hours I used to spend in horrible pain every night. The arm and leg look almost normal. When I started they were swollen and purple. I have also stopped taking antisiezure, antidepressants and drugs to quiet the nerves. I need a painkiller about 3 times a month and that is it. Good Luck. Give it a try. It cannot hurt you and it may help you as much as it has helped me. You muscles will ache at first as they get used to being stretched but the result if freedom from drugs, pain and many limitations.