Can phlebotomists give flu shots

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yes pleas

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Q: Can phlebotomists give flu shots
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What shots are necessary to give your puppy?

Swine Flu.

How long can flu shots be left out of the refrigerator?

How long can flu shots be left out of refrigerator

Are flu shots good for you?


Do flu shots contain live bacteria?

No, there is no live bacteria in flu shots. Flu shots are to prevent the flu which is caused by a virus, not bacteria. The various flu vaccines contain pieces of viruses that are treated to be able to give you immunization, but not make you sick from the virus contained in the vaccination. The flu shots contain inert ("dead") viruses or pieces of viruses instead of whole particles. The flu mist used in the nasal vaccination is made with active ("live") but weakened viruses that can not make you sick if you have an otherwise healthy body and immune system.

If you have the flu what would be best without the flu shots?

I'd take a flu mist. The one when it is sprayed up your nose. A lot of people get sick from flu shots.

What is a FLU nurse?

A FLU nurse is an LPN or RN who administers flu shots.

Can flu shots be given in the hip?

Unless there is some obscure local legislation, yes. The majority of shots can be give almost anywhere. Come places are more effective however it is possible to get a flu shot in the hip.

Can you get sick from flu shots?

sometimes you can

Do flu shots cover common colds?

No they cover flu (influenza).

What is better flu shot or flu mist?

Flu Shots are better in the sense that they are over very quickly, and don't have much pain. But, flu mist is just as good as flu shots, but are instead much less comfortable.

Does getting two of the same flu shots help?

No, but if you get swine flu and regular flu shot, it will be harder to get the flu.

Do you have seasonal flu shots available If you do, how much do you charge?

Sometimes you can get seasonal flu shots for free. Lots of churches will have days when you can get them free.

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