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No they cannot come into your house with out a warrant unless the have probable cause.

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Q: Can police come into your home uninvited without a warrant?
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Does a police officer need a search warrant to enter my house?

Yes a police officer does need a warrant to come into your house, by force. But if the officer would ask to come in and you reply yes, he can come in without a warrant.

Can a uninvited guest come in a home and take pictures of your home?

Of course not. At the very least they are guilty of TRESPASS, and if it was done with a criminal intent, they could be charged with BURGLARY. -------- BUT if it is police or any other federal person they can come in uninvited with a warrant and do want they want

Do you have to open the door to police officers?

If the police officers have a search warrant or an arrest warrant, then you have to open the door. If they have come to ask questions or for any other reason without a warrant, you do not legally have to open the door.

Can a police officer come on private property?

I think they can walk the premises but i don't think they can enter your home without a warrant.

Can the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at a compliance hearing for a misdemeanor?

Will the police come to your house on a bench warrant for a failure to appear at cost and fines hearing

If you know the location of a person with a warrant and you tell the police will they come and get the person?


Can police search a house while waiting on a search warrant?

The police do not have to actually have the warrant in their hands. All they need is to have knowledge that it was signed by a judge and issued and this info can come via phone or police radio.

Can cops come in your house without a warrant?

Yes, depending on the circumstances there ARE instances when they may legally enter without a warrant.

If you get a job out of the state that you have a warrant in can they arrest you?

if you have a warrant the police can arrest you regardless of where you are best bet is to call the department that has the warrant and try to come to a conclusion on how to solve the warrant before they do arrest you and it is on their terms

Police come to your home looking for your son do you have to produce your son?

If the police at the door have a valid arrest warrant, then you must produce the son or face obstruction (or whatever they call it in you jurisdiction) charges yourself. If the police at the door do not have a valid arrest warrant, you do not have to produce your son. In the case that the police have a valid search warrant for your premises, you can't deny them access without facing obstruction charges. If they search, they will probably find you son.

How many times will the police come to your home to serve a warrant if they don't find you there?

As often as they want until the warrant is taken care of.

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