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if the Call of Duty requires it, yes police can speed.

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Q: Can police speed
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How does the Doppler effect aid in police?

Police speed traps using Radars rely on Doppler to tell vehicle speed.

You think police should not speed if there not chaseing anyone or do not have there lights and sirens on?

Police should not speed if there not chasing anyone or if there lights are not on or there sirens are not on

The speed of the fastest police car recorded?

The Dubai police have a Lamborghini Aventador.

Are There Any Police Chases In Need For Speed underground 2?

No, there r no police

What has the author Oscar Speed written?

Oscar Speed has written: 'A report of an administrative analysis of a police car reporting system' -- subject(s): Police communication systems, Traffic police

What Need for Speed games have police pursuits in them?

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for speed most wanted how to get to police car mode?

how to get police car mode

Why do the police use mobile speed cameras?

Yeah, so the police just use mobile speed cameras. ////to use as evidence when they take you to court

Are the police allowed to speed without sirens in Georgia?

no they are not allowed to speed unless it is a emergency they are not allowed ti speed

How is math used in police officer?

speed and distance

What electromagnetic radiation is used in police speed detectors?

Police hand-held radar speed detectors are microwave transceivers operating around 10.5 GHz.

What is a speed trap?

A speed trap is a police operation to catch speeders. Police Officers will often position themselves behind an object which makes them hard to see and utilize speed radar to catch unsuspecting drivers.

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