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2006-08-28 16:14:03
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What does precm mean?

Precm, I assume you mean precum? This is a measurement of non ejaculated seminal fluid. It is usually a very small drop. The fluid contains a lower sperm concentration than ejaculated semen. Theories suggest it may serve as either a cleansing fluid or even natural lubricant.

How do you know if a guy ejaculated?

As you can see it or even feel it in your vagina.

What are the chances of getting pregnant from unprotected sex but he pulled out right before he ejaculated?

"Pulling out" does not work - you had unprotected sex, period. There is semen in any fluid which leaks out of the penis, even without ejaculation.

Can you get HIV even if he never ejaculated in you?

Yes. There is also preejaculate and other fluids.

What happens if you are gay and you ejaculated into your also gay partner?

There is no risk of fertilization, since men do not have an uterus. You partner cannot get pregnant even if you ejaculated inside him wherever the place.

Has an actor ever ejaculated during a love scene with an actress?

Yes it has happened. Some actors do get excited and have ejaculated during love scenes. One actor even ejaculated inside of an actress and she became pregnant with his child. They try to avoid situations like these but it does happen.

Does a man have to have previously ejaculated in order to get you pregnant from pre-ejaculate?

You can "pre-ejaculte" even if you have never ejaculated before and get a girl prgnant. There is almost always sperm in pre-ejaculate.

If a man urinates in water can you get pregnant?

no. Not unless he just ejaculated. But even then, the Chances of a girl becoming pregnant from that are astronomical

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are undressed around a man who ejaculated?

If you are just in the room or bed with the man when he ejaculates the possibility of pregnancy is 0%. The only way that a pregnancy would be possible would be if he ejaculated on your vagina. Even then the likelihood is exceedingly low.

What is the life span of sperm in the vagina?

Sperm ejaculated into a woman's vagina can live 5 days or possibly even longer.

How long does sperm survive after being ejaculated inside the vagina?

2,3,4 ,7 or even two weeks but this is rare.all depends .

Your partner ejaculated inside you a little can you be pregnant?

Yes, even a little still means there's sperm in it that can fertilize your eggs.

Why does the brake light come on if the brakes and fluid level are fine on a Ford Explorer?

The Parking Brake could be set (even slightly)

Can a girl get pregnant if you ejaculated in the condom took a shower wash your penis then put it back in without the condom?

You would want to have the condom on because a girl can get pregnant even of there is no proper ejaculation, and even after one has occurred and despite washing. This is because some fluid containing sperm cells will often be produced during intercourse and can make a female pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant while a virgin?

yes...yes a girl can the sperm can b ejaculated enough to get her pregnant even with out penetration to the vagina

Can you get pregnant in a spa from pre-ejaculatory fluid?

The suggestion that seminal fluid might travel through the water is practically impossible, even more so at elevated temperatures (which would rapidly deteriorate any sperm). Preejaculatory fluid will usually only contain minute amounts of sperm. However, anytime an uncovered penis is in proximity to the vagina of a female (especially an uncovered one), there is the potential for sperm to reach the vaginal lining. Underwater sex is no safer than anywhere else. But any significant chance would require direct contact between the male and female genitals, because of the deteriorating affect of heated water.

Can you get pregnant if a guys rubs his hands near girls vagina even if by mistake he has touched his pre-ejaculated liquid?

No it would have to be inserted

You ejaculated near your girlfriends vagina and she took the morning after pill what is the likely chance that she is still pregnant even if there was never penetration?

there isn't one

How much time sperms alive when ejaculated in mating?

Sperm can be viable for a few days inside a woman's body, even up to five days.

If a boy doesn't know if he ejaculated is there a possibility you could be pregnant?

He knows. And, even if he didn't there is sperm in the pre-ejaculate so yes, you can still get pregnant.

Can you become pregnant if the sperm was ejaculated 10cm away from vagina at leg?

The question is did any semen enter your Vagina. Semen contains Sperm & it is the sperm that fertilizes the egg. sperm outside the vagina by even 1 cm wouldn't stand a chance of causing pregnancy, However; if anything touched the semen and then went inside your vagina it would be possible to conceive. So think about fingers, toys or anything that might have come in even casual contact with the semen then entered the vagina. It the answer is that the male ejaculated outside the Vagina and then nothing entered the vagina, no conception happened.

Does semen and vaginal fluid need to come into contact in order for HIV to be passed?

HIV can be transmitted by semen or by vaginal fluid, even if those fluids don't meet. The pathogen is transmitted though mucous membranes or broken skin, not through some alchemy that occurs when vaginal fluid and semen meet.

What happens if you touch your penis and then a vagina?

Nothing, even if you have ejaculated on your hand before touching the vagina you would have to be very fast to transfer any viable sperm.

Can semen come out without sex?

Yes and NoMen can have what are called "wet dreams" or "nocturnal emissions" and can ejaculate even though they aren't having sex or masterbating. And semen can and does come out when a man is masterbating.As for women, if they had sex before and the man ejaculated inside her without using a condom (or the condom broke), it might not slip out immediately. It could happen later on, or even days later. But women invariably do not produce semen on their own.

Is it possible to not get pregnant even if he ejaculated?

it is possible.. women ovulation process take 28 days to occur (normally).. it is safe to have sex without condom o even ejaculation into the vagina directly after period is done..