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Q: Can primary physical custody be changed if the 17 year old requests?
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Is there a difference between primary physical custody and partial physical custody?

Primary physical custody applies to whomever the children live with the majority of the time. Their "permanent residence". Partial physical custody, usually designates the parent who has the children on holidays, summer vacation from school, etc.

Is primary physical custody the same as sole custody?

physical means you got posession sole means you got it all

Can a parent who has primary physical custody move out of state without informing the other parent who has legal custody?


What does primary custody mean?

It means one parent is granted physical custody of the child the majority of time (in other words, your primary residence is with that parent). However one parent may have primary physical custody but joint legal custody where the other parent has equal decision making power in the child's life.

Can you have joint physical and legal custody?

Yes if ordered by the Judge. But usually they will have a primary residence. Visitation is listed in the order or the other parent. If you don't have an order of custody or it wasn't addressed, you can always file a motion to have it changed.

What is a parent of primary residence?

The parent you primarily reside with. The parent with physical custody.

What is the difference between primary custody and primary physical custody?

They are two terms used interchangeably that essentially mean the same thing. Primary physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child resides with the majority of the time but, joint custody has been granted. Sometimes a parent may have primary physical custody but the other parent may have legal custody, meaning one parent shall have the right and the responsibility to make the decisions relating to the health, education, and welfare of a child." This parent can make all decisions without seeking in put from the other parent.

Is Primary Physical Custody the same as being the Primary Parent in Nevada?

Primary parent may informally refer to the parent with whom the child lives for the majority of the time. Primary physical custody is the legal term for the parent with physical care and supervision of their child for the majority of the time.Child support and custody is an extremely complicated area of law in Nevada which is somewhat behind the times in defining and clarifying these issues. If you need legal advice in that area you need to consult with an attorney who specializes in family law and who has a good reputation.A parent may have sole legal custody or joint legal custody.A parent with sole legal custody can make all the decisions regarding the child such as education, medical treatment and religious training.Joint legal custody means that both parents have a equal right to make decisions regarding the child. Parents with joint legal custody may have different arrangements regarding physical custody. They may share physical custody equally or the child may spend more time with one parent. If a parent has physical custody of the child for the majority of the time they are considered to be the primary parent.Physical custody is a different issue. Nevada recognizes three forms of physical custody:sole physical custody- sole physical care and supervisionprimary physical custody- physical care and supervision for the majority of the timejoint physical custody- parents share physical care and supervision

Can a non biological grandparent have primary legal and physical custody?

Yes the court can allow that.

What does paramount physical custody mean?

It is a term that has the same meaning as primary physical custody meaning the person so awarded has the child or children living with them the greater percentage of time.

What does temporary primary physical care and custody mean?

Possession and control pending an evidentiary hearing.

What does primary custodial parent mean?

A primary custodial parent is someone who is given physical and/or legal custody of a child by a court order.

How is a ssi disabilitie check divided on a child if the parents have joint legal custody?

the SSDI check goes to the parent with primary physical custody, that is the law

I share joint legal custody and am the physical custodian I need to find the law that states that the primary custody has the final say?

You don't with joint legal.

Who pays child support when parents have joint custody but one parent has primary placement?

Generally, the parent without physical custody but the court will decide.

How can you get primary custody of your son?

file for custody in court.

How is child support calculated if there is no time sharing plan?

It would be based upon which parent has primary physical custody.

Does a parent who has primary physical custody have to pay child support if the child moves in with the non-custodial parent?


Can you move out of state with joint primary physical custody?

If both parents agree to one parent moving out of state with the child, then you can have your custody agreement amended with new terms.

In California if father has primary physical custody and both parents have joint legal custody can the child choose which parent he wants to live with?

No, legally a minor has no choice in the matter.

Does having primary residence with joint custody automatically mean the parent with primary residence has the final say?

The purpose of joint legal/physical custody is for the parents to cooperate in all decisions, but in the real world this has not happen. see link

What is the standard visitation for the non custodial parent if the custodial parent has primary physical custody in Tennessee?


How can i have the primary residence changed to me the non custodial parent after signing custody agreement in2002 my son has lived with me.?

File a motion to modify

Can a custodial parent in a joint legal custody arrangement gain primary physical custody of the child if the noncustodial parent violates visitation agreement by taking the child over several days?


How can you get primary custody of your child?

Prove that the other parent is not fit to have custody of them.