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Can pulp cup carriers such as the ones at fast food joints be used for soundproofing?

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Absolutely! Fast food joints do it all the time! Why can't you?

Only KFC - they got in before they were outlawed. There are a couple of local joints that are based on US chains, but not the same.

fast food joints and all types of farms or gas stations

Use timers for the cooking, use a scale when adding ingredients, train your staff on the procedures, order your products from the same supplier each time, and refresh staff training on a regular basis. Essentially, do as much as possible to remove human error from the mix.

Fast food is called fast food because they give it to you fast and it will make you fat fast.

Most of the national fast food joints, like McDonalds,Wendy's, Burger King, ect.

Fast food joints and movie theaters and babysittong are good for a teen depending on where u live

Many fast food chains, such as McDonald's, offer options such as salads as healthy alternatives to a burger. Since much media attention has been given to the health problems associated with fast food joints, many now offer complete nutrition guides to their menu, enabling the customer to find the most healthy alternatives.

Simple, because fast food grant people a fast way to death.... Also people called fast food because fast food is quick to make and usually fast food aren't healthy similar to junk food. People who eat fast food everyday in America are usually obese and fat. (No offense)

Fast food is food that you can have on the go. An example is KFC.

There is such a thing as fast food. Fast food is prepared quickly and is a quick meal.

game and food problem are Main cause of scoliosis so this carriers' are so bright

yes, there is such thing as a healthy fast food. pizza is the most healthy fast food. it has all the food source from the food primed. not even the McDonald salads. So you can say if there is healthy food+fast food than it is healthy fast food!

What is fast food center

Fast food because you have food and a cheetah, a cheetah is fast so you combine them together and get fast food

Adam Gontier has stated that he used to work at fast food joints, and he worked as a telephone man before he became famous.

The duration of Fast Food Fast Women is 1.58 hours.

whats are the advantages of fast food restaurants? whats are the disadvantages of fast food restaurants?

Because fast food is cheap and is made FAST.

at fast food resturants1

about the damage of fast food

no da they do have fast food

Fast Food Fast Women was created on 2000-05-15.

Fast food is generally not as healthy as regular food

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