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My rat loves milk and ice cream. Doesn't seem to have any problem with it.

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โˆ™ 2007-06-15 15:57:50
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Q: Can rats drink milk
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What do pet rats drink?

Usually water. Rats can also drink soy milk. But don't give them cows milk, they are allergic to it. And no soda, rats can't burp and if they have to much they will die!!

What can pet rats drink?

water or milk. I had two pet rats and they drank water but i heard they also like milk.

Can you drink rats milk?

Next ridiculous question: how in HELL are you going to collect this rat's milk? I guess you could drink it if you could get any.

Can you give me details abouth dairy waste norms in India?

They get milk and pour it in giant basins, then rats from everywhere come and drink it. they feed about 4-5 gal. of good milk to no good rats.

Do rats drink water?

Yes, rats drink water.

Why is milk important to rats?

Rats are mammals. Mammals feed their Young on milk.

Can you drink girls milk?

no but you can drink dog milk

Is milk a food or a drink?

Milk is a drink.

Do rats eat meat milk or eggs?

Rats can eat meat, milk, eggs, and anything they come to contact with.

Can a bird drink milk?

You can force a bird to drink milk, but it doesn't drink milk on it's own

Do lion cubs drink milk?

They drink milk

Does a puppy drink milk?

Yes, they drink milk.

What kind drink is milk?

Milk is a Dairy drink.

How many rats would you have to milk to get a gallon of milk?


Can rats produce milk?

Like all furry warmblooded creatures, rats are mammals - all mammals produce milk.

Is Nesquik Chocolate Milk A Drink?

yes chocolate milk is a drink it is milk, milk is a drink so if you add chocolate it will be the same but chocolaty,

Can puppies drink non fat dry milk?

no but they can drink 2% milk. they will not drink non fat milk.

Could a cow drink human milk?

No. Cows don't need to drink milk: they drink water, not milk.

Do rats drink blood?


How much should rats drink a day?

rats do not drink very much a day! they get most of their water from foods.

Is drink noun?

The word drink can be a noun, as in, milk is a nutritious drink, and it can be a verb, as in, I like to drink milk.

When not to drink milk?


Does a cow drink milk?

No. Cows drink water, not milk.

How does a koala drink its milk?

Koalas drink their milk from their mother.

Can baby dwarf hamsters drink milk that you drink?

No, they can only drink their mother's milk.