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Can red blood cells die?

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When your red blood cells die where do the replacements come from?

When red blood cells die, other red blood cells come in and multiply.

Where do red blood cells go to die off?

Red blood cells do not have nucleus and so they do not go any where, to die off. When red blood cells are old, they are caught by your spleen. The life span of red blood cells, is about 120 days.

How many red blood cells die every second?

Every second two million red blood cells die.

Are germs destroyed by the red blood cells?

No, they die from white blood cells =)

What happens if there are no red blood cells?

As we all now that red blood cells are important.If there's no red blood cells in the blood we die because the red blood cells carry the oxygen as we breath.

Where do red blood cells die in the human body?

Old red blood cells are identified by spleen and then selectively killed. Life of red blood cells is about 120 days.

When blood cells die?

I think red blood cells live about 21 days.

How many red blood celll die and reproduce everyday?

Three million red blood cells die and are reproduced every second. The dead red blood cells get degraded by the liver

How change red cells form if blood stored in refrigerators?

The red blood cells in blood that is stored in refrigeration measured by the hematocrit count shows that red blood cells die quickly and the blood is not as rich in red blood cells and shouldn't be used pastæ35 days.

How long can you live without red blood cells?

Without red blood cells you would die almost immediately.

Why are there too few red blood cells in an anaemic person?

the Aplastic anaemia causes the red blood cells get lesser. It is normal of red blood cells to die and get lesser, this is because the stem cells have been damaged

How often do red blood cells reproduce?

Red blood cells do not reproduce, they die. A red blood cell survives about 120 days. An adult produces about 200 billion new red blood cells a day to replace those that have aged out.

Where are new red blood cells reproduced?

In Bone Marrow, where they replace ones that die in the blood. Dead red blood cells sink to the bottom of the blood vessel where they are "cleaned" (eaten) by special cells.

Whats the function of red blood cells?

if you lose your bklood die!

What are redblood cells?

Red blood cells are the bad blood cells in our blood. They are in our blood, hence the name red blood cells.

Where are the red blood cells and white blood cells produced?

Red blood cells and white blood cells are produced in your red bone marrow.

Would you die if you didn't have red blood cells?


What if your red blood cells don't get enough oxygen?

if the red blood is lacked of oxygen,the body cells would die of lack of energy,and the person would die(practially choking)

Could you survive without red blood cells?

No, as the red blood cells carry oxygen [O2] to the tissues of the body, and return carbon dioxide [CO2] to the lungs for removal from the body when exhaling. Without the red blood cells, the cells of the body will die.

Why does the red blood cells die after three months?

what happens when red blood cell dies after about three months

Does every part of the body have red blood cells?

As the name says, red blood cells are found in the blood. If there is blood there, there is red blood cells.

What is the colors of your blood cells?

red blood cells are red white blood cells are white

What does mono do to your red blood cells?

what does Red Blood cells do?

How red blood cells get replaced?

The old red blood cells get replaced by the newly formed red blood cells.

3 kinds of blood cells?

red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Platelets are like white blood cells, but not. Your blood is actually clear but it is red because of your red blood cells.