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no they can not. not a chance.

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Does a male red eared slider lay eggs?

No, only female red eared sliders lay eggs.

Do red eared sliders lay eggs in or out of water?

out of the water they will dround in water

What types of turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

red eared sliders sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.

Your turkey lays eggs without mating?

Yes Turkeycan y eggs without mating.

How should you take care of a red eared slider turtles eggs?

No need to care for it. There are already enough red eared sliders in the world.

Do female red eared slider turtles lay eggs without mating?

All turtles need to have mated in order to lay eggs, unlike birds who will lay infertile eggs, turtles won't.

Do red eared sliders lay eggs?

Yes, like all other turtles Red Eared Slider Turtles lay eggs. There is no species of turtle that gives birth to live young.

How often do red eared sliders lay eggs?

once a year ever breeding season if they find a mate

If your birds has a broken wing will she lay eggs without mating?

their wings dont have much to do with laying eggs. but only chickens lay eggs without mating

What if a female parakeet is laying eggs without mating?

It's perfectly normal for parakeets to lay eggs without mating, the eggs are just infertile. Like hens lay eggs without roosters.

Can geese lay fertilized eggs without mating?

No, without fertilisation (mating) the egg will not develop further.

Who digs the hole for laying eggs for red eared sliders the girl or boy?

The female of every turtle species digs the hole right before she lays the eggs.

Gestation period of red eared slider turtle eggs?

After mating, it takes approximately 2 months for the eggs to be laid, and then another 2 months for the eggs to hatch.

What month do red eared sliders lay there eggs?

You're the guy that asked god knows how many questions about red eared sliders aren't you? Sorry. Anyway no one can tell you what month exactly. Just know they lay their eggs in spring. Geckomaster P.S. To get all this info your looking for just find a good website on google or something.

Can a kakaraki lay an egg without mating?

All chickens can and will lay eggs without mating. They will be infertile eggs like those you buy in the store for cooking and eating.

How often do Red Eared Sliders lay unfertilized eggs?

Once a decade usually or even a century! Just joking! They lay unfertilized eggs about 10 times in 2 years

What if your turkey had 4 eggs without mating will it hatch?

unless the eggs were fertilized, they will not hatch.

Why do red eared sliders bite their eggs?

I wouldn't know for sure... but my guess (PURE guess) would be to check if the egg has the right hardness... or something? Underdeveloped eggs means underdeveloped offspring >.>

Can geese lay eggs without mating?

Yes, geese can and do lay eggs without mating just like chickens do. However, a goose lays eggs seasonally in the spring whereas the chicken will lay throughout the year.

How do you tell if your red eared slider turtle is a girl?

Male Red eared sliders have a thicker tail base and long claws used to help in mating also they have a slight indent on their tummies to again help with mating. Females lack these attributes, therefor they have smaller claws tails tend to be thinner at the base of their tail and no concave to belly. Obviously it is easier to tell if you have several to compare :). If there is any doubt be sure to supply an area where the turtle can haul out and lay eggs in subtrate or they may hold the eggs and suffer from egg binding a potentially fatal condition.

Red eared sliders eggs laid under water?

no no no no no no no no they will drownd right when they hit water u should give you turtle sand to lay them in please

Do female turtles lay eggs without mating?

yes they do but without a male they will not hatch.

Will a duck have an egg without mating with a male?

Most ducks will lay eggs without mating, like chickens do, but the egg will not contain an embryo, and will not hatch without the male.

Can a corn snake lay eggs without mating?

No. They are not capable of parthenogenesis.

Can frogs lay eggs without mating?

chickens can but no frogs have to mate

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