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We were able to include our rent in the state of Pennsylvania. We were not allowed to included any taxes. You should seek the advice of a lawyer though to find out what can and what can not be included in your filing.

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Q: Can rent be included in a bankruptcy?
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If you are not married but live with someone are they counted in the means test for bankruptcy?

When you are living with someone they are not included in your bankruptcy. If you are paying them rent, then the money you pay is an expense and will be considered for bankruptcy.

If you get evicted are you responsible for debt after bankruptcy?

This can get complicated, but the main question is, was the rent past due when you filed the bankruptcy? If so, was the landlord included in the list of creditors? If so, in most cases, rent due as of the date of filing was most likely discharged. Any rent, or "use and occupancy" in lieu of rent, from after the date of filing was not discharged.

How can a landlord collect rent when a tenant files bankruptcy?

Rent is not covered under bankruptcy: a landlord still has the right to collect rent and evict tenants who don't pay.

Can discharged items that were included in a bankruptcy be listed as discharged in bankruptcy on your credit report?

Yes, discharged debts are generally noted as "included in bankruptcy" on a CR.

Can you rent your house out after bankruptcy?


Can a debt to a private individual be included in a bankruptcy petition?

Not only can the be included, they MUST be included. All debts whether to Walmart or Aunt Betsy needs to be included in your bankruptcy filing.

Can you file bankruptcy on a rent to own home in Pennsylvania?

Yes you can file bankruptcy. However the "rent to own home" is not owed by you and is still owned by the "landlord". You can continue with the "rent to own" or walk away. Bankruptcy is an entitlement to citizens for debt relief

Can you do not pay rent in you have banktupsy?

Not paying rent is grounds for eviction. Most courts won't care about the bankruptcy, and most bankruptcy judges will not stop an eviction.

Can priority debts be included in bankruptcy?

You don't have a choice, ALL debts must be included in your bankruptcy petition. Oh, also, priority debts cant be discharged in a bankruptcy.

Can you rent a house if you have had a bankruptcy?

Yes, I have a relative that has.

What does happen if a landlord keep on taking rent even if the landlord had filed for bankruptcy himself?

The landlord's bankruptcy has nothing to do with the tenant. The tenant still owes the rent.

How can you get a judgment off your credit report after filing bankruptcy?

If the debt that you were sued over, or the judgment itself was included in your bankruptcy, you only need send a copy of your bankruptcy papers to the credit reporting agencies. The judgment will not "come off", but it should get marked "included in bankruptcy" or "discharged through bankruptcy".

Can a tenant attach rent to a bankruptcy?

No. Your rent is advanced payment for your right to stay in your apartment/home.

How is the tenant affected when the landlord files for bankruptcy?

He isn't. Even if a landlord file for bankruptcy, he is still entitled to collect the rent from tenants. If the property is in foreclosure, the landlord still have the right to collect rent from the tenant, until such control is passed on to the foreclosing entity. Conversely, if the tenant files for bankruptcy he is still obligated to pay the rent to landlord, although he may be no longer obligated to pay any back rent if such arrears is part of the bankruptcy list.

Can a tenant sue a landlord who is in bankruptcy?

Yes, if the tenant is not included in the Bankruptcy creditor list

Can a tenant be evicted in Michigan if in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy does not relieve a tenant from paying his rent: it's not a debt. Rent is due in advance of the rental period and is not an extension of credit. Oh, and a landlord cannot evict a tenant simply because he filed for bankruptcy.

If I file chapter 13 I am I still obligated to pay my landlord rent?

Sure! Rent is not a bankruptcy issue.

If someone is being sued for back rent and breaking their lease can they still file for bankruptcy?

Anybody can file for bankruptcy.

Can you be evicted from your rental appartment when you are in bankruptcy?

Yes you can, but not simply because you are in bankruptcy. Rent is not an extension of credit. So bankruptcy is not an issue with regard to landlord and tenant issues.

If you have an account that is showing negative and it was included in a bankruptcy can you have the negative account removed or does it stay there and count as two negatives?

The term negative is rather confusing. If the account did not have a balance it would not have been included in the bankruptcy. Any account included in a bankruptcy will remain on the report for the requred length of time, open accounts would be seven years, they will be marked included in bankruptcy. The BK accounts listing will remain for 10.

Can you rent an apartment after filing bankruptcy?

Most the time you can rent an apartment as long as you can give them a copy of your Discharge Records.

Can my ex-landlord collect unpaid rent during my bankruptcy I no longer live there discharge was July rent due was for June?

Not if you listed your landlord as a creditor on your bankruptcy petition and that there is excess property to pay your landlord after secured creditors and your exemptions. Unpaid rent is an unsecured debt. If a judgment lien is filed, you can avoid it if filed shortly before bankruptcy filing.

Can you rid charge offs on your credit report if that creditor was included in your bankruptcy?

The charge offs will remain the required seven years and should be noted as included or discharged in bankruptcy.

Do you include rent in factory overhead?

no only factory rent included in foh.simple rent is an operating exp

Can you add your Mobile home lot rent to your bankruptcy?

Your rent, whether for a mobile home lot or anything else, is not a debt, but rather an ongoing monthly fee for your right to occupy that dwelling or structure. As such, it cannot be admitted to bankruptcy. If you can't pay the rent, then you can't stay!

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