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Yes they can come on private propery to repossess a vehicle. If they damaged your property, then call the lender and demand they repair the damage. You may have to sue to recover the damage.

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Q: Can repo people come onto your property and leave tire mark damage to repossess a vehicle that isn't yours but belongs to someone visiting?
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Can a person insure property that belongs to someone else?

No, in order to get an insurance policy on property you need to have an insurable interest. Meaning you need to own the property or have some other interest in the property.

Does a repo man have the authority to trespass on private property that is clearly marked no trespassing to repossess someone else's car?

yes as long as there are no locked gates

What is the meaning of the word property?

The meaning of the word property is indicating an object that belongs to a person. If one says that a person intrudes into someone's property, that means they have entered without permission (the house is the property).

Can someone repossess a car without filing for repossession?


Can they come on private property and repossess your car in North Carolina?

It is possible for someone to come onto private property in order to possess your car in North Carolina. If you have not paid you car off, it is never yours until it is paid off.

Is it legal to search a laptop without consent?

Not if the laptop belongs to someone else. If it is company property then it's down to company policy.

Use the word principle in a sentence?

The principle behind the laws that cover stealing from others is this: property that you steal belongs to someone else.

Who is someone who is visiting?

Someone Who Is Visiting Would Be A Tourist, A Sightseer Or Any Word That Can Mean Visit.

Can someone repossess your land via adverse possession if you have the allodial title to the property?

Allodial title is inalienable. That means it cannot be taken by any operation of law for any reason whatsoever.

When can a bank repossess someone's car?

When the owner defaults on the loan payments

Are there any laws that prohibit selling someone else's property and if so what are they?

You cannot sell what you do not own. For real estate and motor vehicles only the person who holds title can legally transfer the title to a new owner. For personal property, if you sell personal property that belongs to someone else you would be stealing that property.

If you have a warranty deed on land and a house who owns the house possessions if someone else resides there?

The personal property inside the house belongs to the resident.

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