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I developed this reaction after a prescription for Asthma which I had a bad reaction to. Now whenever I am around smoke I become fatugued and feel sick for sometimes days. I strongly believe this to be true and I would appriciate any insight into a cure or improvement.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:33:51
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Q: Can smelling smoke cause body aches and fatigue?
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Will smelling weed cause a positive piss test?

No. Not even smelling a LOT of weed will cause a positive test.Deciding to smoke some after you smell it, on the other hand, WILL cause one.

Sweet smelling smoke is coming from under the hood of your car what could cause this?

Probably a coolant leak.

Does smelling smoke from cigarettes make you lose brain cells?

Of course not! Smoking cigs doesn't even cause loss of brain cells.

Does blowing smoke in someones ear help his or hers ear aches?

Yes..... It does... the smoke surculates through out the ear and cleans the ear out...... and an ear being clogged sometimes couses ear aches.

How are smelling disorders prevented?

Not all causes of smelling disorders can be prevented. However, people with a disorder should not smoke and should ask those around them not to smoke. Those with smelling disorders related to allergies should be taken to avoid allergens.

How do you stop weed smoke from smelling?

You cant really stop weed smoke from smelling, but you can get rid of the smoke with a ozone generator. Maybe some day with genetic engineering we can make a pot plant with no smell, but you haft to admit that would kinda suck.

Can smelling like smoke hurt your one month old baby?

Smelling like smoke won't hurt your baby as much as second-hand smoke. So make sure not to smoke around your baby. And, for yourself, keep trying to quit. (The more times you quit, the more lilkely you are going to be successful, eventually.)

White smoke smelling like petrol what can it be?

white smoke comming from tail pipe along with excess water in ascent car

How do you know when the head gasket is bad in a impala?

Intake Manifold....smelling radiator fluid fumes in cabin or white smoke in exhaust. Exhaust manifold or cylinder head....smelling burnt oil in cabin or black smoke in exhaust

How do you get fire smoke smell out of a washer?

Try using some kind of smelling sticks or a perfume.

Can you piss test dirty smelling weed in a car?

If there was second hand smoke and you breathed it in, yes.

What are the causes of smoke belching vehicles?

Depends on the color of the smoke:light blue/white sweet smelling smoke, a coolant leak into crankcase.dark black smoke, an oil leak into the cylinders.etc.Check with your mechanic.

Why would your 91 Civic be giving off white sweet smelling smoke?

Blown head gasket or cracked head. Do not drive until this is fixed. You are seeing and smelling coolant.

Can you fale a piss test from smelling pot but no second hand smoke?

No, you need to actually inhale the smoke from the source because they test for THC which spreads through your body as the smoke hits your lungs.

Is smoking harmful during pregnancy?

yes , any kind of smoke or drugs is bad , even if you dont smoke it , it harms your baby even if your just smelling it.

Can you fail a drug test from smelling weed?

No! in order to fail a drug test for THC you.have to smoke it

Can a minor get a mip for possion of a lighter and smelling like smoke but no tobacco in possession?

as long as you have no tobacco on you then you are safe

Can weed get in your system by smelling it?

No. A smell is just a smell. It will only be in your system of you inhale the smoke or vapor or if you eat it.

What are some ways that you can prevent fatigue when driving on long trips?

Coffee . Smoke a big cigar.

Can you smoke weed if you have hereditary spherocytosis?

Yes you can. I also smoke weed and have spherocytosis. Helps with my nausea, jaundice, fatigue etc. Very helpful medicinal remedy.

What are the short term effects of smoking on emotional health?

you will start smelling like smoke and your face will become dry

Do cigarettes cause lung infections?

Cigarettes can cause more than lung infections. They can cause cancer, and even death. Cigarette smoke is just as bad as smoke from a fire, and with cigarettes, you are inhaling that smoke. The smoke from the cigarette can also cause cells to die, which is not good at all.

Why is smoke waste of money?

cause smoke doesnt do anything

What human activities contribute to air pollution?

smoke smoke could cause air pollution smoke could cause holes in our big umbrella

What differences are there between some men's swimwear (speedos, trunks, etc.)?

Certainly, removing second hand smoke from any environment is always a good thing. It will also help keep you children from smelling of smoke when they them self do not smoke.