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If you smoke it won't kill the sperm and make it harder to become pregnant but if the guy smokes it will make it harder for him to make you pregnant because the sperm is not as active and it will make it harder for him to make you pregnant. If you got pregnant and you smoke, it will affect the baby's weight and it will make the chances of having a premature baby increase. It's not good to smoke after the baby's born because although doctors don't know what the exact cause of SIDS is, they still say that the baby receiving second hand smoke is associated with SIDS and could be one of the causes. Let's just say smoking is not good at all.

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Q: Can smoking kill the sperm in your body or make it harder for you to have a baby?
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How much sperm is in the body?

Millions of sperm get made by the body each day (if your an average healthy male) Unfortunately smoking and drugs kills the sperm.

If sperm is already in the body can you get pregnant?

Yes you can because that sperm just nurtured an egg and that will make a baby.

Where does a sperm go?

Sperm goes thru the females body and travels thru there to the egg and creates a baby.

Why would years of smoking make it harder for the body to get oxygen?

It is because your lungs will turn black. The oxygen is usually at the lungs so it is harder to get oxygen.

Can a male have a baby if testicle inside of the body?

Probably not, it is too warm inside of the body for sperm to develop.

What do human body need for producing baby?

eggs to fertilise and sperm to fertilise it

What are effect of smoking in to people?

smoking can cause you to have cancer. cancer can develop anywhere on an human body. if you are having an baby and you are smoking that is bad because not only your effecting you. you are effecting your child. the baby can be born with missing toes or feet.

Which body part does a baby come out of?

The baby exits the mother's body the same way the sperm that helped create it entered. Through the cervix and vagina.

Who makes the baby man or women?

Making a baby is equal parts from the man and the woman. The woman's body produces the egg cell and the man's body produces sperm cells. When one of the sperm cells unites with the egg cell, then the baby starts to develop. From then on, all the work of 'making the baby' is done by the woman's body. So you could say that it takes two to start the baby but the woman 'makes the baby'!

Can sperm survive longer in a women's body if she has a yeast infection?

No it cant because the womens body already has acids in it to protect itself from bacteria, so the yest infection will make sperm even harder to survive because the infection will eat away also at the sperm.

How old is the man to have a baby?

a man can not have a baby because only a woman has the sexual part in her body to form a baby by the vagina but that is if the woman has sex with a man because the man has a sperm in his body and that is also what it used to form a baby.

Do people have sperm at birth?

Baby boys Are born with a set amount of sperm CELLS ; they do not actually MATURE into sperm until the boy reaches puberty but the Cells are there in his body at birth

What happens to your body when you are smoking weed?

It gets your heart going, its harder to get addicted to than cigarettes, and it can make you skinnier and lose weight.

How does the mother and the father get the baby into the mothers stomach?

VERY basically, the father puts sperm cells into the vagina. In the mother's body, a sperm cell meets an egg from the mother's body, and the fertilized egg grows into a baby in the mother's womb (not the stomach), which is above the womb). In about 9 months, the baby is ready to be born.

What is a spearm?

Well females have eggs and males have sperm. And when the 2 meet in the females body during intercourse the sperm and egg combine to make a baby.

Can you get pregnant if your period only lasts 2 day?

yes your can get pregant because once sperm enters your body the sperm sets off no matter what. periods are just to let you know that your body is delvopling and either way it goes you can still receive a baby yes your can get pregant because once sperm enters your body the sperm sets off no matter what. periods are just to let you know that your body is delvopling and either way it goes you can still receive a baby

Can you obtain a sperm of your dead boy friend body or clothes?

You can get traces and evidence but sperm cannot live very long outside a human body so you will have to be real quick if you want to make a baby with it.

What does the umbilical cord give to the baby?

everything that the mother puts in her body.(nutrients from foods to the harmful ingredients from smoking, whatever the mother does effects the baby)

How many cigarettes equal chewing one can of tobacco?

ive heard in a smoking cessation class that kicking smokeless tobacco is harder than quitting smoking because the amount of nicotine that the body gets from dipping is like 10 times the amount of smoking

Can smoking cause pregnant deficiency?

yes, this damages your lungs and can affect other parts of your body that your baby needs

What does smoking plastic do to the body?

Smoking of any kind is not healthy for the body.

Can a womans body make a baby without sperm?

No. Sexual reproduction needs genetic material from male and female.

Does smoking change the way you blood flows in your body?

Yes, because smoking makes it hard for your lungs to take in more oxygen. So the heart has to beat a little harder than normal for the blood to get threw the veins and arteries. The harder it beats the more higher your blood pressure goes up also.

Where does sperm leave the body?

Sperm leaves the body through the penis.

What carries the sperm out of the body?

What carries the sperm out of the body? semen