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If you are on social security you should not be cosigning on a student loan. You would be guaranteeing that if the student doesn't pay off the loan you will. The federal government can garnish your social security benefits to recover student loan payments.

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Can a student Loan garnish money, From your social security disability check when it is under $750.00

In some cases a cosigner may not be needed for a student loan. Check with your college's financial aid office.

The cosigner I believe but check with the loan issuers it's in the details.

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Yes. Your social security disabilty check can be garnished for child support or government debts, like student loans, although im not sure of the maximum they can take . ( 15% of Gross Amount of Check)

No, Section 207 of the Social Security Act prohibits regular creditors from garnishing or levy an individual's Social Security. The only way your Social Security can be garnished is if you owe money to the IRS, if you owe federal student loans, or if you owe child support or alimony payments.

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If your parents are willing to be a cosigner, they may want to check into the new Wells Fargo Student Loans for Parents. With this, they would be fully responsible for repayment of the loan.

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