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Yes, and especially if they may be driving your vehicle while they are living with you.

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Q: Can someone who is not related to you be added to an existing policy if that person lives at the same residence and has a drivers license?
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If you are under 18 and you just received your license can you drive other people if they have their driver's license if you live in California?

it depends on if you have your intermediate license or your actual drivers license. if you got your int. you can only have 1 person in the car not related to you and under the age of 21. if they are related to you they can be in the car as well as a friend that's not. if there 21 you just don't need to worry about them being there because they don't matter.

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How long do you owe Chile support before they take your license?

The 2 are unrelated. They are very much related. The State may suspend your drivers license for non-payment (thresholds vary by State). The State may suspend or revoke your professional license, also.

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Can you drive someone not related to you if you have your permit?

If that person holds a 'full' drivers license in good standing and meets the state's age requirement for a supervising driver, yes.

Can you get a drivers license with a work permit?

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What will sHow up on a work related background check?

Official certification of a clean criminal record, or a record of your criminal history (if you have one). If it is a DMV drivers license/permit check - it will include your entire drivers history from the time you were first issued one.

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Why will you lose your drivers license if you have to quit school in Mobile Alabama?

If you are under the age of 19, not attending high school or a GED program and you have not graduated your name will be reported to the Department of Public Safety by the school you left and your license subject to revocation. See related link.

Do you need drivers license to steer a towed car?

it really varies from state to state. some state would not allow this. click the related link below for your dmv and driving concerns.

Can you still get your drivers license if you are eight teen and dropped out of high school in Michigan?

Please check the driver's handbook (related link) for all the details of the graduated licensing system in Michigan.

Where can I find drivers ed classes in Florida?

Advanced Driver Improvement Courses, If your driver license was suspended in the state of Florida for points or as a habitual traffic offender (non-DUI related)

If someone has a misdemeanor warrant can they get a drivers license in the state they live in?

Yes. After you are arrested and get done in Court with all the penalties. People under indictment for any reason cannot make application for a drivers' license in most states, unless it's a misdemeanor punishable for less than a year and is for a non-violent offense, and also isn't related to another driving-related offense. But you gotta answer the warrant first, and you can and will be arrested at the DMV Office most usually.

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